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England (Terra Fidelis)

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England is an absolute monarchy occupying much of the island of Great Britain. It was founded by Anglo-Saxon barbarians in the 500's AD. It was conquered by William of Normandy in 1066 but maintained it's English culture. William's son Henry married a Scottish princess of Anglo-Saxon descent named Matilda. Their daughter, Matilda junior, fought over the throne with Stephen, Henry's nephew, after his son drowned. Her son became Henry II, founder of the Plantagenet line, which later split into the houses of York and Lancaster. He was overthrown by his wife Eleanor and their sons, Richard & John. The Welsh Henry Tudor's father Edmund had married into the Lancasters and he himself married Elizabeth of York. When his granddaughter Elizabeth's long and successful reign ended without an heir, the Scottish king James Stuart inherited the throne. England lost most of it's empire in the Russo-British Spoil but retains the maritime colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine. Capital: London