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Shoji Hiragawa (born Eidolus 19th, 1627) was Dark Angel of the Death Bringer's Legion and later a member of the Gunryo. During her time as a Dark Angel, Shoji commanded the Black Hand, the assassination unit of the Legion. She is the sister of Koji Hiragawa.

History[edit | edit source]

Invasion of Estreoth[edit | edit source]

During the Death Bringer's Invasion of Estreoth, Shoji was ordered to assassinate Kaichaiu Tsugara during the Tengoku Gunryo's counter assault on the Legion's forces at Arius. Animus, and Shoji, greatly underestimated Kaichaiu, who easily killed all of her subordinates and, along with Rytak Tarek, defeated her. Despite the crushing defeat, Shoji managed to escape.

Afterwards, Animus ordered Shoji to assassinate Aizar Helvate, hoping to break Aizar's troop's resolve and either end Hetrea's war effort or at least slow their advance long enough to send more forces. The attempted was thwarted by Raven, who defeated her but decided to spare her and let her go. Shoji retreated to the Citadel. During the final duel between Jet Seyre and Animus Ridnious, Shoji fled the Citadel for another world.

Post Legion[edit | edit source]

In her rush to escape, Shoji failed to shield herself from the rift's energy. She emerged in another world, completely devoid of her spiritual energy and severely weakened. Soon after arriving, she was defeated and enslaved. She forcibly had a rune placed upon her that drains all of her spiritual energy. For the few months she was a slave. Shoji would find herself liberated by Raven several months later. However, he couldn't remove the rune from her back, so he brought her with him back to Estreoth, figuring Atsu could remove it. Despite their initial reluctance, Atsu removed the rune. With her power back, Shoji decided to join the Gunryo instead of leaving Estreoth.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Raven[edit | edit source]

While tension has always existed between Raven and Shoji, the two did nothing to act upon it until years later when Raven rescued her from slavery. Since then, the two have become rather romantically involved.

Koji Hiragawa[edit | edit source]

Shoji and her brother were close as children, but they have grown apart over the years. Now she sees her brother merely as a fellow Dark Angel, and cares little of his well being. This is due more in part of Koji's abrasive nature.