FC Cortez

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FC Cortez
FC Cortez.png
Full name Club de Fútbol Cortez
Nickname(s) Los Artilleros
Founded 1932
Ground Estadio Memorial Floyd Manuel Peréz
Cortez, Berima
Capacity 52,000
Chairman Wilfredo Candella
Manager Fermín Fontanilla
League Primera División
2019 finish 2nd

FC Cortez is a Berriman association football club from Cortez, Berima that plays in the Primera División. They are the most successful team in league history with eight titles and their fanbase is one of the largest nationwide. Referred to as Los Artilleros, FC Cortez plays their home games at Estadio Memorial Floyd Manuel Peréz in downtown Cortez, a stadium they have shared with Montañas since 2017.

One of the first professional football clubs in Berima, FC Cortez played independently by traveling and playing local teams throughout the 1930's and 40's. When the Liga Superior de Berima was created in 1955 they were a founding member and have not been relegated once in their six-plus decades of play. FC Cortez has a strong rivalry with Real Miraña and a lesser one with Montañas, with whom they share the city of Cortez.

The current chairman is Berriman billionaire Willfredo Candella and the skipper is former player Fermin Fontanilla. FC Cortez finished second in the league in 2019 which earned them a spot in the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League.


Early history[edit]

Liga Superior de Berima[edit]

Primera División[edit]

Current squad[edit]

Starting Eleven[edit]

No. Nat. Pos. Name Date of Birth Contract start Contract end
Flag of Uberrima.png
GK Roque Ramon 2 April 1989 2009 2024
DEF Selwyn Glace 19 June 1986 2003 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
DEF Cecilio Escajeda 4 November 1999 2011 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
DEF Vicente Penaloza 11 December 1997 2018 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
DEF Gualtiero Gonzalo 1 August 1995 2014 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
MID Ovidio Mamon 16 April 2002 2019 2024
MID Valdi 30 November 1991 2009 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
MID Adán San Roman 11 May 1993 2014 2024
FW Cheick Valbonne 12 March 2000 2018 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
FW Benedicto Pasion 13 May 1993 2014 2024
FW Thierry Beauregard 16 February 1996 2018 2024


No. Nat. Pos. Name Date of Birth Contract start Contract end
Flag of Uberrima.png
GK Julio Varon 31 August 1989 2014 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
DEF Eutimio Noyola 14 July 1999 2018 2024
Flag of Bulgaria (bordered).png
DEF Giorgi Mashkovich 3 June 1992 2017 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
MID Jago Parra Jimenez 7 April 1999 2018 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
MID Vito Villasenor 23 May 1994 2014 2024
Flag of Uberrima.png
FW Basilio Dena 29 August 1996 2016 2024
Flag of Canada.png
FW Isaac Venegas 13 June 1995 2017 2024


Honors and international appearances[edit]



FC Cortez play their home games in Estadio Memorial Floyd Manuel Peréz, a massive coliseum that was the largest in the nation until the completion of the Estadio Olímpico in 2016. Both FC Cortez and Montañas share the arena while their new stadium, Estadio Palacio de Montaña, is being built (though Montañas has a significantly smaller fan presence).

FC Cortez ultras are known for their uses of flares and choreography which make the stadium raucous during game time. Several opposing players have complained about the noise levels in the stadium which are often compared to CenturyLink Field in Seattle, United States, spawning the nickname "El duodécimo jugador" (English: the twelfth man) for the fans of the club.

Prior to being named in honor of the late Floyd Manuel Peréz, the venue was known as StadioCortez. The arena also hosts a rugby team and is a frequent stop for touring artists playing shows in Berima as well as being an alternate venue for international sporting events (which are typically played in Miraña). In 2018 the stadium was voted as one of the most recognizable landmarks in Cortez and renovations recently have upped the capacity to roughly 52,000 occupants. Further renovations are planned for the nearly fifty year old stadium which would bring the capacity up to nearly 60,000.

List of managers[edit]

Manager Period Trophies
Damián Pascua 1932-1947
Efraín Toral 1947-1951
Edgardo Callejas 1951-1959
Celio Sandoval 1959-1963
Zacarías Manso 1963-1972
Eusbio Cardo 1972-1976
Raúl Sia 1976-1979
Diego Camarillo 1982-1985
Celino Escobar 1979-1982, 1985-1989
Novio Jara 1989-1996
Manuel Veras 1996-1999
Gilberto Rascon 1999-2004
Alarico Segura 2007-2010
Aarón Del Toro 2004-2007, 2010-2011
Eduardo Tarin 2011-2016
Fermin Fontanilla 2016-Present

Women's team[edit]

FC Cortez also hosts a very successful women's soccer team, WFC Cortez, which competes in the Primera División Femenina and most recently won the league in 2019.