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This article is part of Altverse II.

This is a list of face claims in use on Altverse II. Face claims (also spelled "faceclaims") are the use of real-life individuals or existing fictional characters to represent a fictional, in-universe character. Sometimes, but not always, the in-universe character is the same or similar to their respective face claim.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Since Altverse II is an alternate history timeline based on our world, it is important and imperative that the face claim used or depicted only uses real life photographs or paintings. Unless there is an in-universe, justified explanation to prove otherwise, using fictional characters from media such as a cartoon or anime are unacceptable if used as the primary representation for a character. In addition, it is highly recommended that face claims use only public or noteworthy figures to avoid privacy concerns. The rule of thumb is to find a free license or Creative Commons image of an individual (one may use Wikimedia Commons), or utilize Google's search function to find similarly licensed images. Although not recommended for major biographies, thispersondoesnotexist.com is useful to creating completely original face claims. The biggest caveat is that each face claim generated is unique and cannot be replicated to show the same "face" in different poses or situations. In other words, there will only ever be one image to represent your character if you choose this route.

The main point of divergence in Altverse II is in 1914, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria avoids assassination. Ignoring the other points of divergence in Anglo-America, the butterfly effect would take a while with its rippling effects on the world. The rule of thumb is, anyone born before the 1920s can generally be said to still exist in Altverse II. Thus, face claims should ideally avoid using people who have lived prior to this decade, but exceptions may be allowed (such as if a lesser known face claim is used to represent a character in 19th-century Anglo-America) depending on the circumstances. It is important to note that face claims can also include alternate versions of OTL figures (such as an Adolf Hitler who became a successful artist) if it can be justified within the universe satisfactorily.

A list of face claims is a convenient way to maintain consistency throughout the project and prevent a conflict of interest over the same representation of a character. In rare instances, it is permissible that a face claim be used on multiple individuals (as is the case for canonical twins, triplets, et. al or due to legacy face claims such as Charles I of Austria with Charles I of Sierra). Before one creates a character, make sure to consult this list, which will be continuously updated, to ensure that your intended face claim has not already been claimed here. Any disputes or concerns should be escalated to Centrist16, as well as to the controlling contributor of the desired face claim.

List[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all actively claimed face claims, listed in alphabetical order by first name (preferably based on the English Wikipedia article entry name, if applicable) of the OTL face claim.

OTL face claim Picture Altverse II character Controlling contributor
Abimaél Guzmán
Chairman Gonzalo.jpg
Rafael Guzmán Ycasto
Alfredo Nascimiento Alfredo nascimento 2010.jpg Jaime Moreira BBMhenggay
Amauri Germano Matheus Teixeira.jpg Matheus Teixeira BBMhenggay
Anthony Scaramucci Anthony Malito.jpg Anthony Malito Mythopoeia
Aimee Allison Avery Watson.jpg Avery Watson Worldmaker18
Alexander of Greece Louis I.jpg Louis I of Sierra Centrist16
Alexander I of Serbia Kralj aleksandar1.jpg Louis II of Sierra Centrist16
Alexander Van der Bellen Johannes Van der Bellen1.jpg Johannes von der Bellen Thewolvesden
Alfonso López Michelsen Kovrov Stoyanovich.jpg Kovrov Stoyanovich Centrist16
Ali Nuri Türkoğlu Ali Nuri Türkoğlu.jpeg Emanuel Karasu Al-khataei
Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta Henry II of Superior.jpg Henry II of Superior Bel24
Anna Kendrick Patricia McCarthy.png Patricia McCarthy Candiesrgood
Anthony Fantano Anthony Hanaran (Anthony Fantano).jpg Lil Coop Emelxa
Anthony Rendon Michael J. Kruger.jpg Michael J. Kruger Worldmaker18
Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner Elizabeth I.jpg Elizabeth I of Sierra Centrist16
Aubrey Plaza Nemesis Heartwell official Prime Minister portrait.png Nemesis Heartwell Emelxa
Aya Cash
Anietta Johnson1.png
Anietta Johnson Andy Irons
Ben Carson Ben Carson at CPAC 2015.jpg Maximilien Lavallée Centrist16
Blake Sheldon Blake Shelton July 2017 (cropped).jpg Brian Graham Andy Irons
Bob Barr Bob Barr-2008 cropped.jpg Carmelo Murphy Worldmaker18
Brock Pierce
Brock Pierce at the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit 2016 (29033319263) (cropped) (cropped).jpg
Mark Colton Bel24
Brian Sandoval Brian Sandoval 2010 (cropped).jpg Isaac Hoffman Worldmaker18
Camilo Torres
Camilo Velazquez.jpg
Camilo Velazquez Ycasto
Charles I of Austria Charles I older years.jpg Charles I of Sierra Centrist16
Charlie Cox Jonathan Mueller.jpg Jonathan Mueller Fizzyflapjack
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 2018.jpg
Isaac Dillon Bel24
Cicely Tyson Leslie Steele.png Leslie Steele Centrist16
Corey Cott Jared Savage (Corey Cott).jpg Jared Savage Emelxa
Daniel De Leon Philip Martin Gates.jpg Philip Martin Gates Worldmaker18
David Bowie David-Bowie Early.jpg Dylan Davies T0oxi21
Doja Cat Doja Cat 2020 Vogue Taiwan 01.png Amala Ycasto
Donald Trump Jr. Georgvonderbellen.jpg Georg von der Bellen Thewolvesden
Dylann Roof Not available yet Dylan Coulter Worldmaker18
Emmanuel, Prince of Belgium Prince George of Superior 2018.jpg Prince George the Younger of Superior Bel24
Erik Paulsen
Erik Paulsen official photo.jpg
Charles Griffith Bel24
Prince Ernest Augustus, 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale George II of Superior.jpg George II of Superior Bel24
Esperidião Amin Esperidião Amin.jpg Joaquim de Assis BBMhenggay
Evelyn McGee Evelyn I.png Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo Centrist16
Fan Bingbing Electra Kwan (Fan Bingbing).jpg Electra Kwan Emelxa
Felix, Prince of Denmark Prince Henry of Lakota 2020.png Prince Henry of Lakota Bel24
(Francisco Jav Contreras)
LoWavCee.jpg LoWavCee Centrist16
George Sand Judtih Fonseca Lestrange.png Judith Fonseca Lestrange Centrist16
George V of Hanover GeorgeVHannover.jpg George I of Superior Bel24
Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg William II(superior).jpg William II of Superior Bel24
Hasan Minhaj
Atal Bohtar Portrait (2).jpg
Atal Bohtar Bel24
Henrique Fontana Henrique Fontana 2009.jpg Diego Pires BBMhenggay
Henry Cuellar Henry-cuellar-politicians-photo-1.jpg Marcus Gutierrez Worldmaker18
Herbert Giles Herbert Giles.jpg Mark Culler Centrist16
Ian Calderon Ian-Calderon.jpg Ian Calderon Worldmaker18
Jason Chaffetz Jason Chaffetz 113th Congress.jpg Alexander Lee Centrist16
James Mitchell Ashley James Mitchell Ashley - Brady-Handy.jpg Hans Grüne Ycasto
Jamie Chung Am Nguyen (Jamie Chung).jpg Am Nguyen Mythopoeia
Jennifer Granholm
Jennifer Granholm (cropped 2).jpg
Jennifer Granholm Bel24
Jim Brulte Jack A. Lee.jpg Jackson Albert Lee Worldmaker18
John C. Frémont John C. Fremont.png John C. Frémont Centrist16
John Jurasek
Mark Makovec.jpg Mark Makovec Centrist16
Juliana Brizola Suzana Gonçalves.jpg Suzana Gonçalves BBMhenggay
Kevin Spacey
(Frank Underwood)
Daniel McComb 3.jpg Daniel McComb Centrist16
Kamala Harris Indira Johannesen .jpg Indira Johannesen Worldmaker18
Kanye West Governor Kanye West II.png Martin Louis King, Jr. Centrist16
Kirsten Gillibrand Allison Perry.jpg Allison Perry Mythopoeia
Kim So-Hyun Emma Chae 2.jpg Emma Chae Centrist16
La Fayette Grover La Fayette Grover - Brady-Handy.jpg Isaiah Landon Centrist16
Lazaro Cardenas Poncio Salinas 2.jpg Poncio Salinas Centrist16
Lea Salonga Victoria I.png Victoria I of Tondo Candiesrgood
Leonore, Countess of Orange-Nassau Princess Alexandra of Superior 2019.jpg Princess Alexandra of Superior Bel24
Leopold IV, Prince of Lippe Henry I.jpg Henry I of Superior Bel24
Lil Yachty Lil Yachty cropped.jpg 17 Cliipper the Red God Centrist16
Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg Kenneth O'Conner Centrist16
Madeleine Colbert Elizabeth II 2018.jpg Elizabeth II of Sierra Centrist16
Marc Ravalomanana Alexandre Andriambololona.jpg Alexandre Andriambololona Liukupukki
Melissa Hortman
Melissa Hortman 2012.jpg
Autumn Hurst Bel24
Prince Michael of Kent Christian(king).jpg Christian I of Superior Bel24
Michael I of Romania Mihai I.jpg Louis III of Sierra Centrist16
Michele Bachmann
Lydia Bachmann Bel24
Michelle Wu Isabelle Huynh.jpg Isabelle Huynh Centrist16
Mimi Yang Yang-mimi.jpg Maggie Chan Worldmaker18
Navjot Singh Sidhu Navjot Singh Sidhu on the sets of Sony Max in 2012 (cropped).jpg Madanmohan Singh Dev2708
Penny Flanagan
Ojinjintka Adams1.jpg
Ojinjintka Adams Bel24
Peter II of Yugoslavia WilliamI(superior).jpg William I of Superior Bel24
P. G. T. Beauregard Garrett Fawns.jpg Garrett Fawns Worldmaker18
Philip S. Foner Mark Bishop.jpg Mark Bishop Worldmaker18
Richard Aoki Liam Chung.jpg.jpg Liam Chung Ycasto
Rie Takahashi Alice Nishikata.jpg Alice Nishikata Centrist16
Robin Lord Taylor Emil Alexandrescu (Robin Lord Taylor).jpg Emil Alexandrescu Emelxa
Ron Dellums Ron Dellums.jpg Marcel Guillory Worldmaker18
Roseana Sarney Roseana Sarney em agosto de 2012 (cropped).jpg Alipha Palmieri BBMhenggay
Rufus Sewell Carson Davis.jpg Carson Davis Mythopoeia
Sabrina Cervantes Nazareth Ontoria-Diaz.jpg Nazareth Ontoria-Diaz Centrist16
Sam Webb Sam Webb CPUSA.jpg Kenneth Morrison Worldmaker18
Shy'm Andina Decamp.png Andina Decamp Horton11
Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert December 2017.jpg Charles, Duke of Cabo (Charles II) Centrist16
Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Arvstorhertiginnan Stéphanie av Luxemburg.jpg Queen Isabelle of Superior Andy Irons
Taís Araújo

Verônica Elza de Assunção (cropped).png

Verônica Elza de Assunção Vivaporius
Tim Farron Tim Farron 2016 (cropped).jpg Benjamin Grant Worldmaker18
Tom McClintock Tom McClintock 113th Congress.jpg Benny Marchesi Centrist16
Vera Lúcia Salgado (2018-08-08) Ato pela Descriminalização do Aborto - São Paulo 026 Romerito Pontes.jpg Paula Medeiros BBMhenggay
Vincent Ryan Michael R. Shannon.jpg Michael Randell Shannon Worldmaker18
Yoko Ono Yokoono (cropped).JPG Yoko Ono T0oxi20
Shylo Milwood Blaxkface Killer.jpg Blaxkface Killer Solace II
Dimitri Simms Krash 2021.png Krash Solace II
Kevin Parker Tame Impala-3730 (18222361334).jpg

Dorian Robertson

Solace II
Claire Cottrill

Clairo @ El Rey 04 11 2019 (48498474122).jpg

Sophia Moore Solace II
Ozzy Osbourne OzzyChangingHands02-20-2010.jpg Ozzy Osburn Solace II
Amber Rose Amber Rose - 2014 People Magazine Awards (cropped).jpg Hazel Adams Solace II

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