Farmer Labor Party of Superior

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Farmer Labor Party
Sozialdemokratische Partei
Leader Atal Bhotar
Deputy Leader Natalie Hoover
Founded July 21, 1918; 101 years ago (1918-07-21)
Headquarters 440 Avenue, New Hamburg, Minnesota
Student wing Student Farmer Laborers
Youth wing Young Farmers Laborers
Membership 127,328 (2019 estimates)
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Left-wing populism
American unionism
Liberal socialism
Political position Red flag waving.png Centre-left to Left wing
International affiliation Progressive Alliance
Socialist International
American affiliation Social Democrats of America
Official colors      Mint
High Council
27 / 180
House of Delegates
41 / 365
1 / 8
American Parliament
6 / 36

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The Farmer Labor Party of Superior (German: Sozialdemokratische Partei) is a centre-left social democratic political party in the Kingdom of Superior. Founded in 1930, the Farmer Labor Party is an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists, liberal socialists, trade unionists and American unionists and was formed as a means of representing the Superian left. The party generally lies on the centre-left to left wing of Superior's political spectrum and is to the left of the Liberal Democratic Party and lies in a similar ideological position with the Green Party. The party's current leader is Atal Bhotar, the first Indo-Superian party leader in the country, who was elected to lead the party in 2017. The party is headquartered in New Hamburg and maintains branches in all eight provinces.

The party is notably one of the most successful minor party movements in Superior forming as a political union between Farmer Groups and Labor Unions in the 1910s, the current system was founded by the merger between the Farmer Labor party and Progressive Party and has produced several Presidents. Since 2019, the FLP is part of a coalition government along with the Liberal Democrats and Greens as part of a unified front in the current Liberal Democrat minority government. As of 2019 the FLP has over 127,000 members and is the third largest party in the country surpassed only by the United Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats. An American unionist party, the Farmer Laborers are party of the Social Democrats of America in the American Parliament which has six members out of the country's 30 member delegation. The Social Democrats currently hold 24 seats in the Senate, 38 in the House of Commons, and one governor. The party has a strong level of influence in provincial legislatures and has support among younger citizens, racial diverse college graduates and undergraduates, Indigenous peoples, working class citizens and ethnic, racial and religious minorities.



The Farmer Party was founded in 1918 in response to the rising costs of food and grain caused by Anglo-America's entry into World War I, and the increasing powers of farming conglomerates which were impoverishing farmers. It led a merger with the Labor Union Party in 1920, a Labor party founded by Miners within the city of Duluth dissastified with the government's corporate favoritism, and lack of commitment to protect unions. It begin to perform in national elections achieving it first seat(s) within the House of Delegates in 1922. In 1930 it led a merger with the Progressive Party and in 1931 during a special election, elected it's first president Floyd B. Olson who ran agains the LDP and Conservatives criticizing them for their lack of adqueate responses against the depression, and its protection of corporate interests over the good of the people.

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