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The Federal Coronavirus Response Task Force is a task force established by the Executive Council of Sierra that is responsible for the "coordination and management of federal, provincial, and local response to the coronavirus pandemic". The task force was established on February 1, 2020 and is chaired by Surgeon General Isabelle Huynh and managed by Tony Florentino, the Director of the Federal Institute for Internal Medicine and Immunology. It consists of over 20 individuals across various government agencies, bodies, and departments. It advises the Occidental Palace, Privy Council, Getty House, and Parliament on all issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, including economic concerns. It is responsible for informing the public through daily briefings, public service announcements, disease mitigation guidelines, and official statistics keeping on coronavirus cases.


The first documented case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was a man in his 50s in the province of Orange on January 25. The man was a Sierran national who had returned from a trip to visit family in Wuhan, China. On January 29, the Sierran government evacuated over 200 Sierran nationals from Wuhan to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, Inland Empire. On the same day, another case was confirmed from a Chinese national who traveled from Wuhan to Grands Ballons on a cruise vacation aboard the Water Sheep. On February 1, the Executive Council established the Federal Coronavirus Response Task Force in order to monitor the progression and spread of the virus. On March 13, the Heartwell Ministry declared a public health emergency and placed travel restrictions to China, Korea, and member states of the European Union.

Role and responsibilities[edit]

List of members[edit]

Task Force Member Role Notes
Isabelle Huynh.jpg Isabelle Huynh Surgeon General, MP for Chino and Eastvale, Chair of Federal Coronavirus Response Task Force Appointed February 1, 2020
Doug LaMalfa 113th Congress.jpg Tony Florentino Director of the Federal Institute for Internal Medicine and Immunology, Coordinator of Federal Coronavirus Response Task Force Appointed February 1, 2020
Andrew Deng.jpg Andrew Deng Director of the Royal Center for Disease Control and Prevention Appointed February 1, 2020
Karennbass.jpeg Sharon Durnham Administrator of the Royal Food and Drug Standards Authority Appointed February 1, 2020
Joseph J. Heck 113th Congress.jpg Mitch Beck Assistant to the Prime Minister and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff Named February 11, 2020
Ami Bera 113th Congress.jpg Nayan Bharucha Minister of Commerce and Labor, MP for Elk Grove Named February 11, 2020
Elon Musk 2015.jpg Myron Tusk Administrator of the Office of Bureaucratic and Internal Affairs Named February 18, 2020
Raul Ruiz 113th Congress.jpg Joseph Perez Administrator of the Federal Medical Insurance Services Administration Named February 3, 2020
Jeff Denham 113th Congress.jpg Lance Prince, 4th Earl of Henderson Minister of Veteran Affairs, MP for the Needle Named February 18, 2020
Ben Carson at CPAC 2015.jpg Maximilien Lavallée Leader of the Christian Democratic Party of Sierra Named March 1, 2020

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