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A federally incorporated enterprise (commonly abbreviated as FIE) is a state-owned enterprise that is established and owned by the federal government of Sierra. It is closely related to but distinct from crown corporations, which are directly owned by the Sovereign of Sierra. It is also distinct from gentrified trusts, which are non-departmental, semi-autonomous public bodies with functions similar to companies. The purpose of federally incorporated enterprises are to provide public services or goods within the traditional structure of a company, that are otherwise not deemed profitable. Under K.S. law, all federally incorporated enterprises are classified as statutory corporations, indicating their state-owned natures. The provincial equivalent of FIEs are nominally classified as crown corporations owned by the Sovereign-in-right of the province, state, or area, even if established and owned by the civilian government.

Structure[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

List[edit | edit source]

Name Logo Headquarters Industry Foundation FIE acquired
RBS RBS.svg Glendale, Gold Coast 1949 (as Royal Broadcasting Service) Founded as
Royal Pacific Corporation Royal Pacific Corporation.svg San Francisco City, San Francisco 1862 Founded as
Royal Postal Service Royal Postal Service (New).svg Porciúncula, Gold Coast Postal and parcel carrier service 1858 (as Royal Mail Sierra) 1976
Sierrail San Francisco City, San Francisco 1974 Founded as
Sierran Deposit Insurance Corporation Porciúncula, Gold Coast 1982 Founded as
Sierran Mortgage and Housing Lending Corporation Grands Ballons, Gold Coast 1967 2008

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