Firavun Âhınatün Camii

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An Islamic mosque in 14th century BC Pharaonic style

The Firavun Âhınatün Camii (Osmanlıca: فرعون آخناتون جامع, Arabic: مسجد الفرعون اخناتون and English: Akhenaten’s Mosque) is a mosque located on the Ifrikiyelı Firavun Island. Specifically, it stands atop the ruins of a Crusader fortress.

In 1598, Orhan I (famously, The Builder Şah) ordered a Mosque to be built on the ruins of the Citadel on the Island and he wanted it to be named after the Pharoah who believed in the Qurano-Biblical prophet Hz Yusuf Peygamber (Aleyhisselam), Pharoah Akhenaten (Firavun Âhınatün). The project seemingly small, took 22 years and was built in Ancient Egyptian style.

LNESCO Recognition[edit]

The mosque on Firavun Island was added onto the LNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on July 28, 2003, due to its purported universal cultural value.