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Flag of Brazoria
Flag of Sierra
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 2 March 1839
Design ⅓ of the hoist is blue containing a single centered white star. The remaining field is divided horizontally into a white and red bar.
Designed by Unknown
The flag of Brazoria is the official flag of the Republic of Brazoria. It was officially adopted on 2 March 1839, the day the republic declared its independence from Mexico. The flag's design and appearance of the prominent white star on its hoist has earned the flag the popular moniker, the "Lone Star Flag". It traces its origins to the flag of the former United States.

The flag is held with high esteem and regard in Brazoria and is used for both government and civilian use. Brazorian law features a non-binding flag code that dictates the proper use, design, and disposal of the flag. The Anglo-American Vexillological Association voted the flag of Brazoria as North America's best national flag in 2001.

Flag design and symbolism[edit | edit source]

The Constitution of Brazoria officially describes the flag as:

a rectangle that: (1) has a width to length ratio of two to three; and (2) contains: (A) one blue vertical stripe that has a width equal to one-third the length of the flag; (B) two equal horizontal stripes, the upper stripe white, the lower stripe red, each having a length equal to two-thirds the length of the flag; and (C) one white, regular five-pointed star: (i) located in the center of the blue stripe; (ii) oriented so that one point faces upward; and (iii) sized so that the diameter of a circle passing through the five points of the star is equal to three-fourths the width of the blue stripe

Colors[edit | edit source]

Color Cable color Pantone Web color RGB Values
     Red 70180 193 C #BF0D3E (191,13,62)
     White 70000 Safe #FFFFFF (255,255,255)
     Dark Blue 70075 281 C #00205B (0,32,91)

History[edit | edit source]

Display and use[edit | edit source]

Official 2019 postage stamp depicting the flag of Brazoria

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