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Floyd Manuel Peréz
Peréz in 1994
1st President of the Republic of Berima
In office
1st January 1988 – 1st January 2000
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Salvador Ortega
Prime Minister Bruno Pozo (1988-1994)
Thiago Correa (1994-1996)
Selena Gaona (1996-2000)
Interim president of The Republic of Berima
In office
11th December 1986 – 1st January 1988
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Position dissolved
Minister of Finance
In office
1st January 1984 – 11th December 1986
President Sergio Madrid
Preceded by Martin Soledad
Succeeded by Juan Desantis
Governor of La Mosquitia
In office
1st January 1974 – 1st October 1984
Preceded by Eric Padilla
Succeeded by Helena Ocasio
Mayor of Cortez
In office
1st January 1968 – 1st October 1974
Preceded by Ubaldo Rodriguez
Succeeded by Martín Escalante
Deputy Minister of Finance of Cortez
In office
1st January 1962 – 1st October 1968
Preceded by Giraldo Descalves
Succeeded by David Fernando
Personal details
Born (1923-09-05)September 5, 1923
Coa of MIRANA.png Cortez, Berima
Died December 21, 2008(2008-12-21) (aged 85)
Cortez coa.png Miraña, Berima
Nationality Berriman
Political party Commie berima.jpg Communist Party of Berima (1962-1988)
APSD.jpg APSD (1988-2008)
Spouse(s) Anna Peréz
Children Sergio, Elizabeth
Alma mater University of Cortez
Harvard University
Profession Politician, businessman, philanthropist, author
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Commie berima.jpg Berima
Branch/service Berriman People's Liberation Army
Years of service 1940 - 1950
Rank Lieutenant

Floyd Manuel Peréz Garcia (5 September 1923 - 21 December 2008) was a Berriman politician who served as the first president of the Republic of Berima over a three term period from 1988 to 2000. He is considered the father of modern Berima and his presidency is widely viewed as the most successful of any in the country's short history. Prior to the Constitution of 1988 Peréz was a lifelong member of the Berriman Communist Party who served as Deputy Finance Minister and Mayor of Cortez as well as Governor of La Mosquitia and Minister of Finance before the collapse of the communist government. He was instrumental in writing the Constitution and the transition to a democratically elected republic, serving as both the interim president and first official president of the new nation as well as founding the APSD. He established several precedents during his tenure as president including the widely accepted but non-official three term limit of the presidency.

Born in Cortez to a single mother in 1923 during the very beginnings of the communist movement in Berima, Peréz joined the military in 1940 at age seventeen until his honorable discharge in 1950 and subsequently worked as a civil servant the rest of his adult life. Working his way up through the municipal government of Cortez, Peréz found himself Deputy Minister of Finance under Sebastían Duque and eventually mayor, a position that he held for six years before being appointed governor of the La Mosqutita department by Sebastian Arboleda. After serving as governor for a decade he was promoted to Minister of Finance of Berima by then communist president Sergio Madrid before the total collapse of the Berriman government and communist party in 1986. Peréz was a leading voice for a free and democratic Berima, an idea which gained national traction and eventually led to the Constitution of 1986 and the foundation of the modern Unified People's Republic of Berima.

Peréz presidency is considered a historic landmark in Berima by many due to the numerous social, economic and legislative reforms enacted by Peréz that streamlined the complicated Berriman political system. He also worked tirelessly to secure social liberties and rights for his citizens including the previously forbidden right to assemble, free speech/media, and protest/display public dissent. These reforms among others made him extremely popular among the Berriman populace, and his three term (democratically elected) tenure still the only one in the nations history. In 2000 Peréz decided to step down from the presidency despite still being considered widely popular, thus enacting the precedent of the three term limit still widely accepted in Berima today.

Following his presidency Peréz kept an active role in government affairs and became a pundit for progressivism and democratic socialism, spreading his message worldwide much to the chagrin of the United States and other capitalist nations. He wrote an autobiography in 2004 that became an instant bestseller simply titled Peréz about his role in the foundation of the republic and his tenure as president. Peréz died in 2008 at age 85 from complications stemming from a stroke he had suffered several weeks earlier. The day of his death was considered a day of national mourning and all Berriman flags at government offices were lowered to half mast in respect. His birthday in September is regarded as a regional holiday in the city of Cortez and La Mosquitia department, oftentimes accompanied by parades and marches in addition to school closures for the day.

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