Foreign Office (China)

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Foreign Office
Agency overview
Formed September 7, 1901; 118 years ago (1901-09-07)
Preceding agency
Headquarters Chaoyang District, Beijing
Agency executive

The Foreign Office (Chinese: 外務部, pinyin: Wàiwùbù, lit. "External Affairs Department") is the ministry-level government department responsible for the diplomatic relations of China. The task of the Foreign Office is to advise the Emperor and the Prime Minister of the Imperial Cabinet on international affairs, and to carry out the interests of China through diplomacy. It was established in 1901 as one of the articles of the Boxer Protocol, signed between China and the Seven Nation Alliance, which abolished the previous Zongli Yamen (the "Office in Charge of Affairs of All Nations") and established a new Foreign Office that outranked the other traditional six boards of government.