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Foreign relations of the Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

The foreign relations of the Kingdom of Sierra are the Kingdom of Sierra's relationship with other sovereign states, nations, peoples, and organizations. Foreign relations are managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the leadership of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Enjoying a long history of diplomacy, Sierra has formal diplomatic missions with 194 different countries as of February 2015 and more diplomatic missions throughout the world than any other country except China.

The Kingdom of Sierra is a founding member of the League of Nations, a permanent member of the League of Nations Security Council, the Conference of American States, the G8, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Northern Treaty Organization, Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization, the World Bank and the IMF, and various other organizations.

In the 20th century, especially after Great War II, Sierra emerged as one of the world's foremost powers, along side the United Commonwealth, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom. During the majority of the Cold War, Sierra was seen as one of the top three superpowers in the world along side the U.C. and Germany, while the United Kingdom gradually diminished in status after the Suez Crisis of 1960 and the People's Republic of China was not seen a leading player until its economy took off in the early 1990s. Prior to Great War I and the Continental Revolutionary War, the kingdom was seen as a regional power in North America, behind the American Commonwealth, but after the rise of Landonism in the 1920s and its role as a leading member of the Entente Impériale the country entered the Interwar period as one of the world's great powers. After the 1950s Sierra was consistently seen as one of the "big three" superpowers along with Germany and the United Commonwealth. In the 21st century, the country's leading role in the CAS and NTO, along with being one of the world's biggest economies and having its currency be the most widely traded reserve currency, has made much of the world see the Kingdom of Sierra as one of the leading superpowers.

Bilateral relations

A map of Sierran relations. Black indicates Sierran territory; green indicates active, formal relations; grey indicates no relations; yellow indicates disputed territory; and red indicates former relations.

Key to Relations

  •      - Exceptionally Friendly
  •      - Very Friendly
  •      - Friendly
  •      - Fair
  •      - Strained
  •      - Poor
  •      - Exceptionally Poor
  •      - Hostile
  •      - Neutral
  •      - No/Former diplomatic relations (neutral officially)




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International organizations


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Territorial disputes

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