French Royal Guard

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Royal Guard
Garde royale
Emblème de la Garde républicaine.svg
Emblem of the Guard.
Founded Modern: 1924
Originally: 1814
Country  France
Allegiance King of the French
Size 6,000 personnel
Commander-in-Chief King Jean IV
Commander of the Guard Général de division Lucien de Castellnou

The Royal Guard (French: Garde royale) is an independent agency that is part of the French Royal Household, tasked with protecting His Majesty the King of the French, the royal family, their residences, and immediate vicinity. They also provide an honor guard at official government functions. As per tradition, during wartime the Royal Guard falls under the command of the French Army, though officially it is a civilian law enforcement agency. The Royal Guard has about 6,000 personnel.



The Royal Guard is comprised of five king's bodyguard companies and one honorary Swiss Guard company. All of them are based on Paris, but with units stationed in other parts of France at the various residences and properties of the royal family.

  • 1re compagnie des gardes du corps du roi
  • 2e compagnie des gardes du corps du roi
  • 3e compagnie des gardes du corps du roi
  • 4e compagnie des gardes du corps du roi
  • 5e compagnie des gardes du corps du roi
  • Compagnie des Cent-Suisses