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File:Ganagu World Map Final3.png
The Political World Map of Ganagu

Ganagu is a world somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is made up of three great landmasses, and several smaller islands strewn about. The largest continent, Koslo, is to the far north of the world, nearly touching its north pole. The others, Ganykdemir and Karrarda, lie on the Southern Hemisphere, reaching as far north as the world's equator.

Its name is a corruption of the Meduri word gamagu (land, area) by the Zafarkh, who adopted the term to mean "world" (and by extension "planet").

File:Ganagu World Map Final Physical Labeled.png
The Physical World Map of Ganagu

Core Data[edit | edit source]

Ganagu, the third planet from Polaris α, is a planet that is roughly 10% larger than Earth. It rotates on its axis counterclockwise every forty eight hours (one Ganagu day), and revolves around the sun every 420 days (one Ganagu year). It has two moons, one revolving around Ganagu clockwise, and the other counterclockwise, but at a faster rate. This creates the illusion that the two moons meet at the beginning and middle of every month, the concept of which is fundamental to timekeeping.

Factoids[edit | edit source]

  • The current Kardashev rating is around 0.85, making Ganagu slightly more advanced than Earth.
  • Each of its nations has at least one dominant language, along with several lesser-known languages and dialects.
  • Karrarda is unique for being the only country to occupy an entire continent. For this reason, it is often conveniently divided into three sub-countries by cultural identity, each plainly titled North Karrarda, Central Karrarda, and South Karrarda.
Ganagu Datasheet
Astronomical Data
Rank in proximity to sun (Polaris Alpha) 3rd
Moons 2; Rielag (CW), Rielot (CCW+)
Obliquity (degrees) 47.20
One Ganagu day (in Earth days) 1.389
One Ganagu year (in Earth years) 1.598
Geological Data
Circumference (equatorial) 44082.68 km




Geographic Features

Stagon Savannah (Ganykdemir)

Xenyndoan Mountain Range (Ganykdemir)

Mastroa Archipelago

The Talabaga Islands

The Barrier River (Koslo)

Political Data
Major Countries


Ri Medurinati




Minor Countries




Paozhua Regions



Continents[edit | edit source]

Nations[edit | edit source]

Ganykdemir[edit | edit source]

Koslo[edit | edit source]

Karrarda[edit | edit source]

  • The Autonymous Continental State of Karrarda

Island Nations[edit | edit source]