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Gem of the Ocean
Genre Semi-Collaborative Alternate History
Established 19 January 2023
Creator IndysNotHere
Progress Upcoming
No. of articles List (5 articles)
Status Active
Predecessor Corrupted Sunshine
Welcome to Gem of the Ocean! A fascinating exploration of alternate history where moderately more powerful empires and shifting political alliances have led to several different decisions made across the world. This timeline imagines a world where The Netherlands successfully kept their colony in North America, and ended up expanding into the Midwest, leading to the world being shaped in unique and unexpected ways. From the emergence of new nations and empires, to the development of new technologies and artistic movements, this is the world of Gem of the Ocean; a thought-provoking exploration of what might have been, discover a world that is both familiar and yet entirely new.

The World of Gem of the Ocean[edit | edit source]

Below is a political map of the nations of the world, circa 2023 (Gem of the Ocean's current year).

Current date in Gem of the Ocean - August 18ᵀᴴ, 2023.

Note: The map (and list) may change as the timeline progresses or is updated.

     Fully Recognized Nations      Nations with Limited Recognition      Disputed Regions      Nations with Little to No Recognition

List of Sovereign States, Dependencies, Realms, and Constituencies[edit | edit source]

Europe[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of Albania.svg Albania (Tirana) — Republic of Albania
  • Flag of Andorra (1934).svg Andorra (Andorra la Vella) The Valleys of Andorra
  • Flag of None.svg Austria-Hungary (Vienna & Budapest) Monarchy of Austria-Hungary
    • Flag of Austria.svg Austria / Cisleithania
    • Flag of Hungary (1794 proposal).svg Hungary / Transleithania
  • Flag of None.svg Banat (Timişoara) — Republic of Banat
  • Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991–1995).svg Byelorussia (Minsk) — Republic of Byelorussia
  • Flag of Bulgaria (Gem of the Ocean).svg Bulgaria (Sofia) — Republic of Bulgaria
  • Flag of Czechomoravia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Czechoslovakia (Prauge) — Czech and Slovak Federative Republic
  • Flag of Couto Misto (Gem of the Ocean).svg Couto Misto (Santiago de Rubiás) — Principality of Couto Misto
  • No flag.svg Dalmatia (Zagreb) — Republic of Dalmatia
  • Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia (Tallinn) — Republic of Estonia
  • Flag of Finland.svg Finland (Helsinki) — Republic of Finland
  • Flag of Flanders (Gem of the Ocean).svg Flanders (Brussels) — Kingdom of Flanders
  • Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg France (Paris) — Third French Republic
    • Flag of None.svg Amadeusland and Tarasque
    • Unofficial flag Clipperton island.png Clipperton Island
    • Drapeau de la Guyane.svg French Guyana
    • Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands 2020.svg French Southern and Antarctic Lands
    • Flag of FLNKS.svg French Melanesia
    • Unofficial flag of Guadeloupe (local).svg Guadeloupe
    • Flag of None.svg Magdalen Islands
    • Flag of Martinique.svg Martinique
    • Flag of Mayotte (Gem of the Ocean).svg Mayotte
    • Proposed flag of Réunion (VAR).svg Réunion
    • Flag of Saint-Martin (fictional).svg Saint-Martin
    • Flag of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.svg Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
    • Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg Wallis and Futuna
  • Flag of None.svg Germany (Munich) — German Confederation
  • Alexander Ypsilantis flag (obverse).svg Greece (Athínai) — Hellenic Republic
  • Flag of Hannover (Gem of the Ocean).svg Hannover (Hanover) — Republic of Hanover
  • No flag.svg Hesse (Cologne) — Republic of Hesse and by Rhine
  • Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland (Reykjavík) — Republic of Iceland
  • Flag of None.svg Ireland (Dublin) — Republic of Ireland
  • Flag of Italy (Gem of the Ocean).svg Italy (Rome) — Italian Republic
  • Flag of None.svg Latvia (Riga) — Republic of Latvia
  • Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein (Vaduz) — Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Flag of Lithuania (Gem of the Ocean).svg Lithuania (Vilnius) — Republic of Lithuania
  • Flag of Lusitania (Gem of the Ocean).svg Lusitania (Lisbon) — Lusitanian Commonwealth
    • Flag of None.svg Angola
    • Flag of None.svg Azores
    • Flag of None.svg Bissau
    • Flag of None.svg Cabo Verde
    • Flag of None.svg Goa
    • Flag of None.svg Macao
    • Flag of None.svg Madeira
    • Flag of None.svg Mozambique
    • Flag of None.svg Portugal
    • Flag of None.svg São Tomé and Príncipe
    • Flag of None.svg Timor
  • Lozenge flag of Monaco.svg Monaco (Monaco) — Principality of Monaco
  • Flag of None.svg Montenegro (Podgorica) — Republic of Montenegro
  • Flag of Macedonia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Macedonia (Skopje) — Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Dutch flag AV2.png Netherlands (Amsterdam and 's-Gravenhage) — Kingdom of the Netherlands
    • Flag of Aruba.svg Aruba
    • Flag of Bonaire.svg Bonaire
    • Flag of Curaçao.svg Curaçao
    • Flag of Saba.svg Saba
    • Flag of Sint Eustatius.svg Sint Eustatius
    • Flag of Sint Maarten.svg Sint Maarten
  • Flag of Poland (Gem of the Ocean).svg Poland (Warsaw) — Republic of Poland
  • Flag of None.svg Prussia (Berlin) — Republic of Prussia
  • Flag of Romania.svg Romania (Bucharest) — Republic of Romania
  • Flag of None.svg Russia (Moskva) — Democratic Federative Republic of Russia
  • Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino (San Marino) — Most Serene Republic of San Marino
  • Flag of None.svg Saxony (Dresden) — Saxon Free State
  • Flag of None.svg Serbia (Beograd) — Republic of Serbia
  • Flag of Spain (Gem of the Ocean).svg Spain (Madrid) — Kingdom of Spain
    • No image.svg Alhucemas Islands
    • Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Canary Islands
    • Proposed flag of the Chafarinas Islands.jpg Chafarinas Islands
    • Flag of Ceuta.svg Ceuta Municipality
    • Flag of Melilla.svg Melilla Municipality
    • No image.svg Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera
  • Flag of Scandinavia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Scandinavia (Gothenburg) — United Kingdoms of Scandinavia
    • Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
    • Norway flag 1821 proposal 13.svg Norway
    • Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
      • Flag of None.svg Anegada
      • No image.svg Bouvet Island
      • Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands
      • Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland
      • No image.svg Jan Mayen
      • No image.svg Peter the First Island
      • No image.svg Queen Maud Land
      • Proposed flag of Svalbard, Norway (1930).svg Svalbard
      • Flag of None.svg Saint Barthélemy
      • Flag of None.svg Saint Croix
      • Flag of None.svg Saint John
      • Flag of None.svg Saint Thomas
  • Early Swiss cross.svg Switzerland (Berne) — Swiss Confederation
  • Flag of the Septinsular Republic.svg United Septinsular States (Kerkyra) — United Septinsular States
  • Flag of Great Britain (Gem of the Ocean).svg United Kingdom (London) — United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ulster and Malta
    • Flag of England.svg England
    • Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland
    • Flag of Wales.svg Wales
    • Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg Ulster
    • Flag of the Order of St. John (various).svg Malta
      • Flag of None.svg Ascension Island
      • Flag of the British Antarctic Territory (Gem of the Ocean).svg British Antarctic Territory
      • Flag of None.svg British Bay Islands
      • Flag of the Channel Islands (Gem of the Ocean).svg British Channel Islands
        • Flag of Alderney.svg Alderney
        • Flag of Guernsey.svg Guernsey
        • Flag of Herm.svg Herm
        • Flag of Jersey.svg Jersey
        • Flag of Sark.svg Sark
      • Flag of None.svg British Refreshment Islands
      • Flag of the British Pacific Settlements (Gem of the Ocean).svg British Pacific Settlements
      • Flag of None.svg British Virgin Islands
      • Flag of None.svg Falkland Islands
      • Flag of None.svg Gibraltar
      • Flag of None.svg Hong Kong
      • Flag of None.svg Isle of Mann
      • Flag of None.svg Montserrat
      • Flag of None.svg Pitcairn Islands
      • Flag of None.svg Roche Island
      • Flag of None.svg Socotra
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine (Kyiv) — Republic of Ukraine
  • Flag of the Holy See (Gem of the Ocean).svg Vatican City (Vatican City) — Vatican City State

North America[edit | edit source]

South America[edit | edit source]

Sovereign States[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of None.svg Amazonas (Tapajoz) — Republic of Amazonas
  • Flag of None.svg Argentina (Cordóba) — United Kingdom of the Río de la Plata
  • Flag of None.svg Brazil (Río de Janerio) — United Captaincies of Brazil
  • Flag of Cundinamarca (Gem of the Ocean).svg Cundinamarca (Santa Fé de Bogotá) — United States of Cundinamarca
  • Flag of None.svg Essequibo (Vlissengen) — Republic of Essequibo
  • Flag of None.svg New Holland (Mauritsstad) — Republic of New Holland
  • Flag of None.svg Orinoco (Caracas) — Bolivarian Republic of Orinoco
  • Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay (Asunción) — Republic of Paraguay
  • Flag of Tawantinsuyu (Gem of the Ocean).svg Tawantinsuyu (Arequipa) — Federal Republic of Tawantinsuyu
  • Flag of Uruguay (Gem of the Ocean).svg Uruguay (Montevideo) — Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  • Flag of None.svg Venezuela (Maracaibo) — Republic of Venezuela

Non-Sovereign Entities[edit | edit source]

Africa[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria (Algiers) — People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • Flag of None.svg Arewa (Kano) — Republic of Arewa
  • Flag of Ashantia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Ashantia (Accra) — Ashanti Republic
  • Flag of Azania (Gem of the Ocean).svg Azania (El Obeid) — Republic of Azania
  • Flag of Barotseland.svg Barotseland (Lusaka) — Kingdom of Barotseland
  • Flag of Benin.svg Benin (Porto-Novo) — Republic of Benin
  • Flag of None.svg Cameroun (Yaoundé) — Republic of Cameroun
  • Flag of None.svg Catanga (Lubumbashi) — Republic of Catanga
  • Flag of None.svg Côte d'Ivoire (Yamoussoukro) — Republic of Cote d'Ivorie
  • Flag of None.svg Comoros (Moroni) — Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros Archipelago
  • Flag of None.svg Djibouti (Djibouti City) — Republic of Djibouti
  • Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt (el-Qāhira) — Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Flag of None.svg Equatorial Guinea (Malabo) — Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Flag of Eswatini.svg eSwatini (Mbabane and Lobamba) — Kingdom of eSwatini
  • Flag of the Ethiopian Empire.svg Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) — Empire and Federation of Ethiopia
  • Flag of None.svg Gabon (Libreville) — Republic of Gabon
  • Flag of Guinea.svg Guinée (Conakry) — Republic of Guinée
  • Flag of Botswana (Gem of the Ocean).svg Kalaharia (Gaborone) — Republic of Kalaharia
  • Flag of Kenia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Kenia (Nairobi) — Republic of Kenia
  • Flag of Kongo (Gem of the Ocean).svg Kongo (Gustavia) — Republic of Kongo
  • Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho (Maseru) — Kingdom of Lesotho
  • Flag of Libya.svg Libya (Ṭrābulus) — Republic of Libya
  • Flag of Lunda Tchokwe.svg Lunda-Chokwe (Luena) — United Kingdoms of Lunda and Chokwe
  • Flag of Madagascar.svg Madagascar (Antananarivo) — Republic of Madagascar
  • Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi (Lilongwe) — Republic of Malawi
  • Flag of the Mali Empire.svg Mali (Bamako) — Republic of Mali
  • Flag of None.svg Makua (Nampula) — Republic of Makua
  • Flag of Zimbabwe (Gem of the Ocean).svg Matshobana (Harare) — Republic of Matshobana
  • Flag of Mauritania.svg Mauritania (Nouakchott) — Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius (Port Louis) — Republic of Mauritius
  • Flag of None.svg Mossiland (Ouagadougou) — Republic of Mossiland
  • Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco (er-Ribât) — Kingdom of Morocco
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia (Windhoek) — Republic of Namibia
  • Flag of Nigeria (Gem of the Ocean).svg Nigeria (Abuja) — Federation of the Niger Delta
  • Flag of None.svg Nilotica (Asmara) — Republic of Nilotica
  • Flag of None.svg Oubangui-Shari (Bangui) — Republic of Oubangui-Shari
  • Flag of None.svg Rwanda (Kigali) — Republic of Rwanda
  • Flag of Senegal.svg Sénégal (Dakar) — Republic of Sénégal
  • Flag of Seychelles.svg Seychelles (Victoria) — Republic of Seychelles
  • Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone (Freetown) — Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Flag of Somalia.svg Somalia (Muqadishu) — Federal Republic of Somalia
  • Flag of None.svg Soudan (Niamey) — Republic of Soudan
  • Flag of South Africa (Gem of the Ocean).svg South Africa (Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town) — Republic of South Africa
  • Flag of Tanganyika (1961–1964).svg Tanganyika (Dodoma) — Republic of Tanganyika
  • Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia (Tunis) — Republic of Tunisia
  • Flag of Togo.svg Togo (Lomé) — Republic of Togo
  • Flag of Uganda (Gem of the Ocean).svg Uganda (Kampala) — Union of Uganda
  • Flag of None.svg Umbararo (N'Djamena) — Republic of Umbararo
  • Flag of Burundi (1961).svg Urundi (Bujumbura) — Republic of Urundi
  • Flag of Zanzibar (Variant).svg Zanzibar (Zanzibar City) — Sultanate of Zanzibar

Asia[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of Free Aceh Movement.svg Aceh (Banda Aceh) — Sultanate of Aceh
  • Flag of Afghanistan (2004–2013, variant).svg Afghanistan (Kabul) — Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Flag of Turkey.svg Anatolia (Ancyra) — Republic of Anatolia
  • Flag of None.svg Armenia (Yerevan) — Republic of Armenia
  • Flag of None.svg Assam (Jorhat) — Kingdom of Assam
  • Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan (Baku) — Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Flag of None.svg Bahrein (Doha) — Kingdom of Bahrein
  • Flag of None.svg Balochistan (Qalāt) — Republic of Balochistan
  • Flag of None.svg Bangladesh (Dhaka) — People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan (Thimphu) — Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Flag of Brunei.svg Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan) — Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace
  • Flag of Cambodia (type 4).svg Cambodia (Phenom Penh) — Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Flag of China (Gem of the Ocean).svg China (Peip'ing) — Union of the Eighteen Provinces
  • Flag of None.svg Cyprus (Levkosia) — Republic of Cyprus
  • Flag of the Federation of Arab Emirates (Gem of the Ocean).svg Federation of Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
  • Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg Formosa (T'ai-pey) — Republic of Formosa
  • Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia (Jakarta) — United States of Indonesia
  • Flag of India (Gem of the Ocean).svg India (New Delhi) — Harmonious Federal Republic of India
    • No flag.svg Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    • No flag.svg Lakshadweep
  • Flag of Isreal (Gem of the Ocean).svg Israel (Yerushalaylim) — State of Israel
  • Flag of Japan (Gem of the Ocean).svg Japan (Tokyo) — Empire of Japan
  • Flag of None.svg Johore (Johor Bahru & Muar) — Sultanate of Johore, the Abode of Dignity
  • Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan (Amman) — Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan (Astana) — Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Flag of Korea (Gem of the Ocean).svg Korea (Hæju) — Great Korean Empire
  • Flag of None.svg Kurdistan (Amed) — Democratic Republic of Kurdistan
  • Flag of None.svg Kuwait (Kuwait City) — State of Kuwait
  • Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) — Kyrgyz Republic
  • Flag of None.svg Laos (Vientiane) — Kingdom of Laos
  • Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon (Beyrouth) — Republic of Lebanon
  • Flag of None.svg Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) — Federation of Malaysia
  • Old National Flag of the Maldives.svg Maldives (Malé) — Sultanate of the Maldives
  • Flag of Iraq (1959–1963).svg Mesopotamia (Baghdad) — Republic of Mesopotamia
  • Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia (Ulan Bator) — Republic of Mongolia
  • Flag of Myanmar (Gem of the Ocean).svg Myanmar (Naypyidaw) — Union of the Republic of Myanmar
  • Flag of Nepal (Gem of the Ocean).svg Nepal (Kathmandu) — Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  • Flag of None.svg Omani Jamahiriya (Muscat) — Jamahiriya of Oman
  • Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine (Ramallah) — State of Palestine
  • Flag of the Phillippines (Gem of the Ocean).svg Philippines (Manila) — Republic of the Philippines
  • Flag of None.svg Iran (Tehran) — Most Sublime State of Iran
  • Flag of Georgia.svg Sakartvelo (Tbilisi) — Republic of Sakartvelo
  • Flag of None.svg Saudi Arabia (ar-Riyad) — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Flag of Sikkim (1967-1975).svg Sikkim (Gangtok) — Kingdom of Sikkim
  • Flag of None.svg Straits States (Singapore) — Federation of Straits States
  • Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka (Colombo) — Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  • Flag of Syria.svg Syria (Dimashq) — Arab Republic of Syria
  • Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan (Dushanbe) — Republic of Tajikistan
  • State Flag of Thailand (1916).svg Thailand (Krung Thep) — Kingdom of Thailand
  • Flag of Green Ukraine.svg Transcathay (Volodivostok) — Ukrainian Republic of Transcathay
  • Flag of None.svg Travancore (Trivandrum) — Kingdom of Travancore
  • Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet (Lhasa) — Regency of Tibet
  • Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan (Ashkhabad) — Republic of Turkmenistan
  • Flag of the Second East Turkestan Republic.svg Uyghurstan (Ürümqi) — Turkic Republic of Uyghurstan
  • Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan (Tashkent) — Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Flag of South Vietnam (Pantone).svg Viet-Nam (Huế) — Republic of Viet-Nam
  • Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen.svg Yemen (Taʿizz) — Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

Oceania[edit | edit source]

  • Flag of Australasia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Australia (Wollongong) — Commonwealth of Australia
    • No image.svg Australasian Antarctic Territory
    • No image.svg Ashmore and Cartier Islands
    • Flag of Christmas Island.svg Christmas Island
    • Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg Cocos-Keeling Islands
    • No image.svg Coral Sea Islands Territory
    • No image.svg Heard & MacDonald Islands
    • Flag of Lord Howe Island.svg Lord Howe Island
    • Flag of Norfolk Island.svg Norfolk Island
    • No flag.svg Niue Territory
  • Flag of None.svg Fiji (Suva) — Republic of the Fiji Islands
  • Flag of None.svg Hawai`i (Honolulu) — Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Flag of Kiribati.svg Kiribati (South Tarawa) — Republic of Kiribati
  • Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg Marshall Islands (Delap-Uliga-Djarrit) — Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Flag of the Mendozine Islands (Gem of the Ocean).svg Mendozine Islands (Soledade) — Republic of the Mendozine Islands
    • No image.svg Antipodes Islands Territory
    • No image.svg Bounty Islands Territory
    • Flag of Chatham Islands.svg Chatham Islands Territory
    • Flag of the Cook Islands (1973-1979).svg Ermosas Islands
    • No image.svg Snares Islands
  • Flag of Micronesia.svg Micronesia (Palikir) — Federated States of Micronesia
  • Flag of Nauru.svg Nauru (Yaren) — Republic of Nauru
  • Flag of None.svg New Guinea (Port Moresby) — Independent State of New Guinea
  • Flag of Palau.svg Palau (Ngerulmud) — Republic of Palau
  • Flag of None.svg Papua-Tariku (Jayapura) — Republic of Papua-Tariku
  • Flag of None.svg Polynesia (Pape`ete) — Federation of Polynesia
  • Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa (A`pia) — Independent State of Samoa
  • Flag of the Soloman Islands (Proposed; 1975).svg Solomon Islands (Honiara) — Republic of the Soloman Islands
  • Flag of None.svg Papua-Tariku (Jayapura) — Republic of Papua-Tariku
  • Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga (Nuku`alofa) — Kingdom of Tonga
  • Flag of Tuvalu (1996–1997).svg Tuvalu (Funafuti) — Republic of Tuvalu
  • Flag of None.svg Vanuatu (Port-Villa) — Republic of Vanuatu

Table of the Most Populated Nations[edit | edit source]

Rank Name Capital Largest City Population
1 Flag of China (Gem of the Ocean).svg Union of the Eighteen Provinces Peip'ing Shanghai 1,453,901,773
2 Flag of India (Gem of the Ocean).svg Harmonious Federal Republic of India New Delhi Mumbai 1,415,607,278
3 Flag of Indonesia.svg United States of Indonesia Jakarta 210,785,504
4 Flag of Nigeria (Gem of the Ocean).svg Federation of the Niger Delta Abuja Lagos 218,541,006
5 Flag of None.svg People's Republic of Bangladesh Dhaka 215,730,675
6 Flag of None.svg Republic of Balochistan Qalāt Karachi 170,242,903
7 Flag of the Union of American States (Gem of the Ocean).svg Union of American States Columbiana Houston 157,322,582
8 Flag of None.svg Democratic Federative Republic of Russia Moskva 155,538,572
9 Flag of Japan (Gem of the Ocean).svg State of Japan Tokyo 146,424,731
10 Flag of Mexico (Gem of the Ocean).svg United Mexican States Mexico City 132,487,582
11 Flag of None.svg United Captaincies of Brazil Río de Janerio São Paulo 115,096,765
12 Flag of the Phillippines (Gem of the Ocean).svg Republic of the Philippines Manila 113,385,275
13 Flag of None.svg German Confederation Munich 112,585,411
14 Flag of the Ethiopian Empire.svg Empire and Federation of Ethiopia Addis Ababa 105,163,988
15 Flag of Egypt.svg Arab Republic of Egypt el-Qāhira 104,445,851
16 Flag of None.svg Republic of New Netherlands Beverwyck New Amsterdam 104,381,413
17 Flag of South Vietnam (Pantone).svg Republic of Viet-Nam Huế Saigon 99,460,347
18 Flag of Kongo (Gem of the Ocean).svg Republic of the Kongo Gustavia 99,010,095
19 Flag of None.svg Most Sublime State of Iran Tehran 86,796,975
20 Flag of Turkey.svg Republic of Anatolia Ancyra İstanbul 84,339,065
21 Flag of Korea (Gem of the Ocean).svg Great Korean Empire Hæju Seoul 78,438,445
22 State Flag of Thailand (1916).svg Kingdom of Thailand Krung Thep 70,257,397
30 Flag of Great Britain (Gem of the Ocean).svg United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ulster & Malta London 68,834,092
23 Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Fifth Republic Paris 68,042,591
24 Flag of Tanganyika (1961–1964).svg Republic of Tanganyika Dodoma d'Âr es-Selâm 64,175,639
25 Flag of South Africa (Gem of the Ocean).svg Federal Republic of South Africa Pretoria (and 3 others) Johannesburg 61,259,015
26 Flag of Myanmar (Gem of the Ocean).svg Republic of the Union of Myanmar Naypyidaw Rangoon 57,526,453
27 Flag of Kenia (Gem of the Ocean).svg Republic of Kenia Nairobi 56,858,825
28 Flag of Italy (Gem of the Ocean).svg Republic of Italy Rome 52,304,525
31 Flag of Cundinamarca (Gem of the Ocean).svg United States of Cundinamarca Santa Fé de Bogotá 50,882,892
32 Flag of Spain (Gem of the Ocean).svg Kingdom of Spain Madrid 46,802,015
33 Flag of None.svg United Kingdom of the Río de la Plata Córdoba Argirópolis 64,191,433
34 Flag of Tawantinsuyu (Gem of the Ocean).svg Federal Republic of Tawantinsuyu Arequipa 46,293,737
29 Flag of Algeria.svg People's Democratic Republic of Algeria Algiers 45,962,414
35 Flag of None.svg Republic of California Monterey Los Angeles 39,142,991

International News Network World Headlines[edit | edit source]

The International New Network Overview provides all the latest news from Gem of the Ocean.

  • Flag of Ashantia (Gem of the Ocean).svg April 4ᵀᴴ, 2023 ACCRA, Ashantia TO BE WRITTEN

  • Early Swiss cross.svg Flag of the Leauge of Nations (Square) (Gem of the Ocean).svg March 28ᵀᴴ, 2023 GENEVA, Switzerland In a historic move aimed at curbing the illegal diamond trade, the League of Nations has signed an act that prohibits the direct or indirect import of all rough diamonds from conflict zones. The act was signed by representatives from the League of Nations member states at a summit held in Geneva, Switzerland; and the signing ceremony was attended by diplomats, international NGOs, and representatives from the diamond industry. The act aims to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds, which are also known as blood diamonds; as these diamonds are mined in war zones, often by slave labor, and their sale is used to finance armed conflicts and human rights abuses. Under the act, member states are required to certify that any imported rough diamonds are from legitimate sources and not from conflict zones; and the act also requires that diamond exporting countries implement strict controls to prevent the export of conflict diamonds. The League of Nations has been working towards the goal of ending the trade in conflict diamonds for several years, and the signing of this act marks a significant step forward in achieving this goal and sends a clear message to diamond producers and traders that the international community will not tolerate the sale of blood diamonds.

  • Flag of the Union of American States (Gem of the Ocean).svg March 24ᵀᴴ - March 26ᵀᴴ, 2022 FLAGLER, U.A.S. TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg March 5ᵀᴴ, 2023 N'DJAMENA, Umbararo TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of the Union of American States (Gem of the Ocean).svg March 25ᵀᴴ, 2023 COLUMBIANA, U.A.S. TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of China (Gem of the Ocean).svg February 17ᵀᴴ, 2023 PEIP'ING, China TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg GATIA flag.svg February 28ᵀᴴ, 2023 OUAGADOUGOU, Mossiland Mossiland joins the Tuareg Council.

  • Flag of France.svg February 15ᵀᴴ, 2023 PARIS, France TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Tawantinsuyu (Gem of the Ocean).svg December 7ᵀᴴ, 2022 AREQUIPA, Tawantinsuyu TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Saint Lucia (1979–2002).svg Flag of the North American Union (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 12ᵀᴴ, 2023 CASTRIES, Saint Lucia In a significant move aimed at strengthening regional cooperation and unity, the North American Union has voted in favor of accepting the Commonwealth of Saint Lucia's application for observer status. The decision was announced at a summit held in Greven, New Netherlands, attended by representatives from the North American Union member states, including the Union of American States, as well as other Observer Countries and International Organizations. Saint Lucia, a small island nation in the Caribbean, applied for observer status in the North American Union in recognition of its close ties to the region and its commitment to promoting economic growth and development in the area; and as an observer, Saint Lucia will be able to participate in meetings and discussions of the North American Union, providing valuable insights and perspectives on issues of common interest, such as trade, security, and environmental protection. The decision to accept Saint Lucia's application for observer status was met with widespread approval from member states and other observer countries, and any hailed the move as a positive step towards closer regional cooperation and integration. The decision to accept Saint Lucia's application for observer status is expected to have a positive impact on the country's economic and diplomatic relations with the North American Union member states.

  • Flag of None.svg January 17ᵀᴴ, 2022 DUBLIN, Ireland Leo Varadkar succeeds Micheál Martin as Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, as part of a rotation agreement made in 2020.

  • Flag of France.svg January 19ᵀᴴ, 2022 PARIS, France A series of civil unrest incidents have began in the 7th Arrondissement, organized by opponents of the pension reform bill proposed by the Borne government, which would increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 years old. The strikes have led to widespread disruption, including garbage piling up in the streets and public transport cancellations. In March, the government used Article 49.3 of the constitution to force the bill through the French Parliament, sparking more protests and two failed no confidence votes, contributing to an increase in violence in protests alongside the union-organized strike action.

  • Flag of None.svg July 4ᵀᴴ, 2022 MUNICH, Germany TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of the Union of American States (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 1, 2022 AURARIA, U.A.S. TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Haiti (Gem of the Ocean).svg October 29ᵀᴴ, 2022 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg October 25ᵀᴴ, 2022 MONTRÉAL, Canada TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Scandinavia (Gem of the Ocean).svg October 23ᵀᴴ, 2022 GOTHENBURG, Scandinavia TO BE WRITTEN

  • Alexander Ypsilantis flag (obverse).svg January 13ᵀᴴ, 2022 ATHÍNAI, Greece TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg January 12ᵀᴴ - February 6ᵀᴴ, 2022 JAUNDE, Kamerun The 2022 African Cup of Nations is set to be held in Cameroon and is shaping up to be one of the most exciting football tournaments of the year. As the host nation, Cameroon is preparing to welcome football fans from across the continent and around the world to witness some of the best soccer teams in Africa battle it out for the prestigious title. The tournament will feature 24 teams from across Africa, who will compete in six groups of four teams each; and the top two teams from each group, as well as the four best third-placed teams, will progress to the knockout stages of the tournament. preparations for the tournament are already well underway, with the construction of new stadiums and the renovation of existing ones. The tournament is set to be held across six different venues, including the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in the capital city of Jaunde and the Japoma Stadium in the coastal city of Douala. Despite concerns about security and infrastructure, the Government of Kamerun has assured fans that everything is being done to ensure a safe and successful tournament.

  • Flag of the Mendozine Islands (Gem of the Ocean).svg February 11ᵀᴴ, 2022 BONS RIOS, Mendozine Islands TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Lithuania (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 10ᵀᴴ, 2022 VILNIUS, Lithuania TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Spain (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 9ᵀᴴ, 2022 MADRID, Spain Major protests have occurred in Madrid's city center, with thousands of people marching against the government's economic policies. The protest, organized by a coalition of labor unions and social organizations, began at midday in the Plaza Mayor and continued for several hours. Participants carried banners and chanted slogans calling for an increase in the minimum wage, greater job security, and more support for the country's struggling small businesses. Police presence was high, but the demonstration remained peaceful throughout the day. However, towards the end of the protest, a small group of protesters clashed with the police, throwing rocks and bottles. Several people were arrested and minor injuries were reported. The protest comes as Spain faces mounting economic challenges, including high levels of unemployment and a sluggish recovery from the pandemic. The country's government has come under criticism for its handling of the crisis, with some accusing it of prioritizing the interests of big businesses over those of ordinary citizens. The organizers of the protest have called for further demonstrations in the coming weeks, and have vowed to continue their campaign until the government takes action to address the concerns of workers and small businesses.

  • Flag of Lebanon.svg January 8ᵀᴴ, 2022 BEYROUTH, Lebanon TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg January 6ᵀᴴ, 2022 SAINT JOHN's, Leeward Confederation The Leeward Confederation has recently celebrated a major milestone in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country announced that it had vaccinated more than 50% of its population against the virus; the achievement was praised by government officials, healthcare workers, and members of the public, who have been working together to combat the spread of the virus. The country has been working diligently to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to its population, with the government prioritizing vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, frontline workers, and those with underlying health conditions; and in addition to its vaccination efforts, the Leeward Confederation has implemented a range of measures to control the spread of the virus, including mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and travel restrictions. The country has also established a robust testing and contact tracing system, which has helped to identify and isolate cases of COVID-19.

  • Flag of Lusitania (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 5ᵀᴴ, 2022 DILI, Lusitania TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of None.svg Flag of the League of Nations (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 4ᵀᴴ, 2022 NEW AMSTERDAM, New Netherlands In a rare display of unity, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the Union of American States have issued a joint statement affirming that "a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought."; the statement comes amid growing tensions and concerns over the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. The joint statement, released on Monday, highlights the need for all countries to work towards disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and to take concrete steps towards achieving a world without nuclear weapons. The statement comes as tensions between some Leauge of Nations member countries have increased in recent years; however, the joint commitment to disarmament and non-proliferation shows that these countries recognize the need to work together to prevent the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war.

  • Flag of Nigeria (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 3ᵀᴴ, 2022 ABUJA, Nigeria TO BE WRITTEN

  • Flag of Italy (Gem of the Ocean).svg January 2ᵀᴴ, 2022 ROME, Italy TO BE WRITTEN

Historical States[edit | edit source]

This list contains all countries and territories which formerly existed in-universe; dates are also given to indicate the lifespan of such countries. Countries in italics are modern-day countries where the former country was wholly or partially a part of. Does not include former countries which currently exist as a subdivision under an existing modern-day country with the same name.

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