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The Honorable Don

Georg Stefan Thomas Erich von der Bellen

39th Governor of Clark
Assumed office
December 16, 2018
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by Jacqueline Ridge
Lieutenant Isaac Hoffman
Personal details
Born (1979-10-30) October 30, 1979 (age 43)
Flag of Gold Coast.svg Malibu, Gold Coast, Kingdom of Sierra
Political party Royalist Party of Sierra (2015).svg Royalist
Spouse(s) Keith MacLeod
Children 2 (adopted)
Alma mater University of Sierra, Berkeley (BEcon and BBA)
Mulholland University (MBA)
Profession Entrepreneur
Religion Lutheran

Georg Stefan Thomas Erich von der Bellen EC MPP (born October 30, 1979), nicknamed GVB, is a Sierran politician and businessman who is the 39th and current governor of Clark. A member of the Royalist Party, von der Bellen previously served no office in political life. Previously, he had become a rich casino mogul through what people call "the luckiest business decision in history". In 2018, he nominated himself for the governorship of Clark and won the Clark open primary by surprise after a astonishingly successful run. He defeated one-term incumbent Jacqueline Ridge of the Libertarian Party by 7.2%, becoming the first openly gay governor of Clark.

Von der Bellen was born in Malibu, Gold Coast as a member of the prominent Von der Bellen family, specifically the second son of Royalist Senator Johannes von der Bellen and his wife, Infanta Cristina Leonor of Portugal. He was raised both in the Von der Bellen Villa in Malibu and at the Palais Pleskau in Porciúncula's Holmby Hills neighborhood. He attended the University of Sierra, Berkeley, and later graduated from Mulholland University in 2004. After graduation, he became a venture capitalist, using the wealth he received from his father, and focused on Las Vegas' casinos. Von der Bellen bought stake along with his then-friend Keith MacLeod at Krahn Resorts International, further enriching himself. In 2006, he bought with MacLeod the Von Holt Las Vegas hotel on 3000 Las Vegas Boulevard South and founded Von Holt Hotels & Casinos International.

Von der Bellen and MacLeod's business flourished, and von der Bellen soon becomes one of the richest men in Las Vegas and in Clark. Von Holt Hotels grows so big that the foundering Krahn Resorts is bought up by him, thereby becoming the second-biggest casino mogul in the city. Due to a highly-publicized scandal in 2012, where it was alleged that von der Bellen had sexually assaulted a waiter in the Von Holt Las Vegas, which had been settled by the court and he was exonerated, von der Bellen was disinherited from his family. He married his long-time friend and boyfriend Keith MacLeod in 2013, which had been dubbed the "Biggest Wedding of the Year in Sierra" and "Wedding of the Decade". In 2018, von der Bellen unexpectedly joined the race for Governor of Clark as a Royalist, and soon became the leading candidate in the province. In the open primary, he was first, narrowly passing incumbent Jacqueline Ridge of the Libertarian Party. After several blunders by Ridge, von der Bellen defeated her and was sworn in as Governor of Clark on December 16th, 2018.

Since holding the office of governor, von der Bellen has worked to give tax cuts to businesses that adhere to pollution standards and to residents who used hybrid or electric cars, he has reduced income tax while increasing the sale tax, invested more money into the mental health services of the state and lowered prison time for drug users while also opening new rehabilitation centers. His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been controversial.

Early life, education, and entry into business[edit | edit source]

A young Georg von der Bellen at a campaign fundraising event of his father's in 1990.

Georg Stefan Johann Erich von der Bellen was born on October 30th, 1979 at the Von der Bellen villa in Malibu, Gold Coast, as the second son of Gold Coast senator Johannes von der Bellen and Infanta Cristina Leonor of Portugal. Through his parents, he is of Hungarian, German, Dutch and Russian descent on his father's side and of English, Scottish, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Italian descent on his mother's. As grandson of the exiled Duarte, Duke of Braganza, he is in the line of succession of the Thrones of Portugal and Sierra. At the time, his father worked as a Senator of the Gold Coast in the Senate of Sierra, while his mother was a well-known socialite and philantropist. Von der Bellen's mother tongues are English, German and Portuguese.

He received his first education at the Porciúncula National Mall Premier Daycare Center at the age of 2, and then started kindergarten by attending the elite Wiltshire Preparatory School. At the age of 4, von der Bellen began attending John C. Frémont Elementary School in Holmby Hills. He grew up mostly with his brother David von der Bellen and his mother, but also with their nanny and German-Sierran nanny Irene Gans. While he received help during summers from his family, von der Bellen developed a fondness of surfing, which he had mastered at the age of 14, after winning an under-18 surfing tournament in Malibu in the year of 1994. During his stay at John C. Frémont Elementary, both him and his brother were present at many events during his father's political career, and were prominent figures in their father's public life life. Von der Bellen followed in the footsteps of his brother, and attended Santa Monica High School, where he graduated.

After high school, he enrolled at the University of Santa Clara, Berkeley (now the University of Sierra, Berkeley) as a junior, where he met his future husband Keith MacLeod, whom he shared a room with at Berkeley. He graduated with his Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Business Administration in business administration in 2002, and his masters in business at Mulholland University in 2004.

Prior to moving to Las Vegas, von den Bellen interned for a short while at Krahn's, where he first learned of their resort and casino branch Krahn Resorts International. He asked for the internship to be transferred to the headquarter of Krahn Resorts in Las Vegas, where he first saw the Von Holt Las Vegas and, according to an interview with him and his husband Keith in 2012, it was that hotel which made him decide to go into resorts and casino.

Business life[edit | edit source]

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

The Von Holt Las Vegas Casino & Resort, the first casino owned by Georg von der Bellen.

In late 2004, von der Bellen, with borrowed money from his father, bought stock into Krahn Resorts International, along with Keith MacLeod and fellow Mulholland graduate Alan Yang, who was a close friends of the two. The three made millions out of their stock, but von der Bellen was not satisfied. In 2006, with enough money, von der Bellen founded a business with MacLeod and Yang called Von Holt Hotels & Casinos International, and bought the Von Holt Las Vegas, then on the verge of closure, for $150 million dollars. After some staff changes, the Von Holt was newly marketed as something new, artists were paid to give performances and advertisements were run online, at the cost of von der Bellen's own finances.

Against all odds, their business didn't fail in 2008, and even managed to recuperate losses in 2009, which allowed him to buy several of Krahn Resorts casinos, only expanding the young empire. Unfortunately for von der Bellen, it had come out that von der Bellen was homosexual through a local Las Vegas tabloid, after a photo of him and MacLeod kissing had been published. While it had caused many problems for von der Bellen in the private life, as scrutiny came to him from his unknowing family, it drew LGBT people to the Von Holt Las Vegas and other casinos owned by von der Bellen, only making him richer. After meetings with his parents, von der Bellen officially made a statement on his relationship, saying he had been with his boyfriend since 1995, and that he is happy with him together. Von der Bellen's popularity increased.

Flourishing business, second-biggest casino mogul in Sierra[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen at the opening of the Von Holt Reno City in 2010.

Von der Bellen quickly became very rich, and his rising star turned many heads. Soon, his casinos headlined many concerts and quickly became very profitable. As Krahn Resorts International became embroiled in scandal and became increasingly unprofitable, von der Bellen saw an opportunity in buying up Krahn hotels and casinos throughout Sierra. At the gala event for the opening of a new casino in Reno City, Reno in late 2010, he announced that Von Holt Hotels & Casinos International is now completely out of debt, and will continue to expand and truly live up to the name international. Then, to the shock of everybody, as this was in the Styxie, he proposed to his long-time boyfriend MacLeod, who agreed. While many applauded, many booed as well.

Throughout the following years, Von Holt Hotels & Casinos International expanded into several cities in Sierra, including Coachella, Little Gibraltar and Cancún, as well as abroad into Monaco and Macau. With the accumulated wealth, von der Bellen bought out the company he first bought his flagship casino from in the first place from, Krahn Resorts International, out and incorporated it into Von Holt Hotels & Casinos. As such, buying out one of the four casino businesses in Las Vegas, he pushed himself above Caesar's Entertainment to the second-largest casino mogul in Sierra.

Sex scandal and corruption allegations[edit | edit source]

However, the dream von der Bellen lived was abruptly interrupted. On the 2nd of May 2012, von der Bellen was accused by former Von Holt Las Vegas waiter Guillermo Murillo of sexually assaulting him during dinners at the Greek Bite restaurant, where he waited. Von der Bellen came under extreme scrutiny and fled public life. The wedding between him and MacLeod, scheduled on the 14th August of the year, was postponed indefinitely, and von der Bellen vehemently denied any wrongdoing, claiming that his business rivals MGM and Caesar's tried to set him up for this by offering Murillo a lot of money. He added that as he didn't frequent the Greek Bite very often, preferring to eat dinners in the Swiss House beer garden, he didn't even know Murillo in any way besides maybe look, claiming that until Murillo made the allegations up, he hadn't even known his name.

However, the damage was done, and press releases by his father's staff revealed that should he be found guilty, he would be disinherited. Several executives resigned, and leaks from within von der Bellen's personal staff reveal that a massive fight happened between the casino magnate and his father. Curiously, von der Bellen wasn't stripped of his place in the Sierran line of succession, speculated to be due to his relationship to King Charles II and his uncle, Prince George the Elder of Sonora.

The allegations made it to trial, which was called Clark's trial of the century. Von der Bellen heavily contested the charges throughout the trial, and said that he was personally offended by these unfounded allegations. During this time, von der Bellen was heavily attacked by the media, both Sierran and foreign. While MacLeod stood by his fiancée, it was a clear negative. The trial continued for a year, until the jury found von der Bellen not guilty, on bases of lack of evidence. This came as a surprise, as just a week before, the mood was heavily slanted against him.

Following the verdict, von der Bellen sued Murillo, MGM, Caesar's and several news firms for defamation, winning cases against news agencies such as the RBS, Porciúncula Times and Tokki News. However, the claims that MGM and Caesar's planned this were found to be unfounded. Despite this, theories online continue to paint von der Bellen in a bad light, and point to several theories about bribery and intimidation, as well to the still broken relationship between him and his father.

Rehabilitation, economic diversification, continued success and first steps into politics[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen's official portrait as CEO of Von Holt Resorts and Casinos (2014).

After the charges were cleared, preparations for the wedding resumed, and a date for the wedding was set again. The wedding took place on the 13th of July, 2013, and many high profile guests were present, including many members of the royal family, such as Prince George the Elder of Sonora, Duchess Elisa of the Mojave, king Charles II and Queen-Consort Evelyn, high-profile Royalists such as San Joaquin senator Daniel McComb, San Francisco Provincial Assembly minority leader Jackson Albert Lee, former Kings governor Leslie Steele, exiled monarch Duarte, Duke of Braganza, and former Prime Minister Diana Hyun Jeong, and businessmen such as HPI CEO Timothy Heartwell, financier Ethan Libermann and HPI President Nemesis Heartwell. His close family attended as well, including but not limited to his parents, brother, uncle and retired admiral Konstantin von der Bellen, and aunt and famous Hollywood actress Diana Roxton, though it was speculated that his relationship with his father was strained. The wedding was highly publicized and was called the 'Wedding of the Decade'.

After the wedding, von der Bellen and MacLeod went on a honeymoon in Béneîle. While the location was kept from the press, paparazzi soon found out they were on Tanna island, relaxing. After their return, von der Bellen began to continue investing in resorts and casinos. He invested into golf courses all over North America, buying several clubs in Honolulu and in Brazoria. He also founded a shopping center and business park conglomerate called the Von Holt Group, which owns several shopping malls across Sierra, and a couple abroad.

While von der Bellen was interviewed in the case against Ethan Libermann in 2014, he was quickly dismissed as an accomplice due to him focusing on other things up until that point. Afterwards, von der Bellen opened the Von der Bellen Charitable Foundation, dedicated to struggling young LGBT teenagers who were kicked out of their house by their family and have been living in poverty. During an interview about it on Tokki News, von der Bellen said that:

"As someone who has had to hide in the closet for such a long time, I know how it feels to have to always hide something. And for some who have the courage, unlike me, to open up to their relatives while they're still young and dependent on their parents, it blows up right in their face, their parents are bigoted and don't accept it. They get kicked out simply for not being straight, any love their parents might've held for them just gone. And many struggle afterwards, end up homeless, depend on friends in order to survive. This problem hits close at home, as if it weren't for the high status of my family and I would've told my parents about this, I might've been in the same place as them today."
Von der Bellen in his office as CEO of Von Holt Resorts and Casinos International.

In 2016, during the prime ministerial election, von der Bellen expressed support for Royalist Daniel McComb, but expressed regrets over the gruesome death of Prime Minister Steven Hong during the re-election campaign, which incited violence across the Styxie. During this time, it was also reported that a big argument had taken place between von der Bellen and MacLeod. MacLeod, part of the Jacobite community, supported Jacobite attacks against Republicans, while von der Bellen thought that supporting such things was reckless and destabilizing. Von der Bellen donated money to the restoration of Bernheim, San Joaquin and nearby Richmond after the riots following Prime Minister Hong's death and even though a Royalist, he has claimed that the decision to make the Styxie flags dip only further provoked the violence and attacked interim Prime Minister Preston Bolivar for encouraging further violence in the Styxie. Soon after though, von der Bellen and MacLeod reconciled, and began living together again.

In 2017, during the Daniel McComb sexual abuse allegations, von der Bellen said that while he wants proof of these claims before accusing anyone, that he won't support McComb any further if these turn out to be true. Von der Bellen was remarked as one of the first Royalists to take an active stance against McComb, showing disdain for sexual abuse, and changing the view of von der Bellen from a rich billionaire who got away from sexually abusing a man to a prominent figure who cares for the people of Sierra. During the 2017 party leadership election, he opposed Nemesis Heartwell, and claimed that the woman he met so many many years ago has disappeared, and a radical had come out. Despite this, he says that outside of politics, Heartwell remains a close friend of his, but states that "friends criticize each other, and are not yes-men." He donated several millions of dollars for rebuilding in the aftermath of the 2017 Pawnee earthquake, and has supported increased mental health spending after the Tokki Studio shooting while also denouncing the claim that television or the series Anubis and Bastet were at fault for the attack, further revealing that he and MacLeod were a fan of the show. This drew some disapproval and derision by peers, but many people online were thrilled by the idea of a businessman who makes time to watch anime.

Political career[edit | edit source]

Before 2016, von der Bellen spoke little on politics and on the rare occasion he did, he took a moderate Royalist stance. After the assassination of Steven Hong, he began to take political stances on several issues, and established himself as a moderate Royalist with libertarian leanings. While not running for office, he did become much more political, and this gained him a large amount of supporters on Bubbler.

As the 2018 gubernatorial election in Clark began to shape up, von der Bellen announced his candidacy on a local Las Vegas news channel and promised to improve Clark with the skills gained from managing a large business like his. He quickly clarified that he was not running on a ticket in support of Prime Minister Heartwell, but on a serious belief that Clark can do better than with a Libertarian administration.

Gubernatorial election[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen shortly before his acceptance speech

Von der Bellen faced opposition from both within his party and from the Democratic-Republican and Libertarian parties. From within his own party he faced both moderate Royalist Isaac Hoffman, a provincial senator, and alt-right candidate Jonathan Stewart, the mayor of Beatty. Stewart was endorsed by Prime Minister Heartwell, and his radical ideas did appeal to the rural Clark voters who resented the influence Las Vegas had over them. From the other parties he faced other major opponents, such as Democratic-Republican commoner Esteban Gutierrez and incumbent Libertarian governor Jacqueline Ridge, who still was leading in the polls at the time. While Gutierrez hoped to rally the population of the Las Vegas metro area in order to swing the state towards the Democratic-Republicans, incumbent Ridge was fighting on her own turf and had Libertarian support.

Von der Bellen gave his first town hall speech in the town of Caliente where his oratory speech drastically increased his poll-numbers, as he became the third in race, just before Ridge and just behind Stewart. Blunders by Gutierrez, which failed to rally the Las Vegas Valley's inhabitants and Hoffman dropping out of the race to endorse von der Bellen made him a top contender in the race, and going into the primary, von der Bellen was polling first or second, just after Jacqueline Ridge. During the primary, he was asked if his involvement as CEO of Von Holt would create a conflict of interest by journalist Marine Lasceaux of the Tournesol-based journal La liberté, where he replied that it totally would create one, and that why he is going to step down as CEO of Von Holt Hotels & Casinos International if he wins the election, leaving it to his close friend Alan Yang.

During the primary, he surprisingly was first in the primary, beating both Ridge and Stewart in the vote, riding on an anti-alt-right platform. In further debates, Ridge showed a weak front, blundering several times and going against public health programs, which pulled her popularity down. A particularly memorable moment was when von der Bellen asked Governor Ridge to explain how to support rural families outside of the Las Vegas Valley, who live in poverty and do need aid from the government, and after her failure to produce a response, von der Bellen said:

"See, Governor Ridge, unlike your Libertarian peers, you do not actually have a viable plans to replace the welfare net. At least your peers do propose UBI!"

Von der Bellen was elected on October 21, 2018 by a margin of 7.2%, vastly outperforming expectations. Columnist David Sinclair wrote that "while von der Bellen successfully replicated the 'outsider coming in to fix the issues' campaign of Prime Minister Heartwell during her Senatorial race, he is certainly one of the biggest critics of the Prime Minister, which is surprising, due to their long-lasting private friendship."

Governor of Clark[edit | edit source]

During his tenure as the governor of Clark, von der Bellen has worked closely with the Clark legislature to bring forth reforms in Clark, such as a reduction of the personal income tax that is offset with a slight rise in a sales tax, tax breaks for businesses who adhere to strict pollution standards and tax breaks for citizens who buy hybrid and electric cars. He has also expanded mental health care spending in Clark, projecting it to have the best-funded mental health care system in Sierra.

During the Red Rock Castle crisis, von der Bellen showed leadership, aiding the Royal Bureau of Investigation and even calling Prince George the Elder of Sonora in order to convince him to surrender. Von der Bellen's moderate criticism towards the actions of the Crown, as well as full backing of the RBI in Clark led him to surge in popularity afterwards, but conspiracy theories arose that claimed he had encouraged the Prince Elder to commit suicide in order to hide evidence of his dealings with Ethan Liebermann. This theory, spread online through the hashtag #ForcedSuicide, was dismissed in most circles as ridiculous, but has been satirized in Sierran late-night shows.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, von der Bellen became a focus of attention for his unorthodox strategy of dealing with the pandemic, only shutting down the casino and restaurant industries temporarily, while promoting online schooling. His reasoning of reopening casinos and restaurants was that measures of distancing customers and mandatory masks inside venues would be enough to contain the virus, while schooling, where children much more easily catch diseases, should be kept kept online for as long as possible. Clark's economy took a strong dip due to the pandemic, and his policy of open casinos, hotels and restaurants was seen as controversial and irresponsible, but studies are inconclusive of whether it led to higher cases, due to rigorous state-subsidized testing of employees in those branches. After COVID vaccines became available, von der Bellen further encouraged workers in those branches to get vaccinated. Some have seen this as prioritizing Clark's economy over its health, while others argue that schools have been much more effective in spreading the disease, and that his insistence of keeping schooling online saved lives.

In 2021, backlash to a law proposal to allow companies to form business areas that operate outside of county control within Clark has led to backlash by union workers and the Democratic-Republican opposition, who called it a return to company towns. The bill is currently being debated in the Provincial Assembly.

Critical reception[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen posing for a selfie with a young constituent at Las Vegas Airport.

Since his entry into politics, von der Bellen has been a somewhat polarizing figure within politics. While many associate him with the sexual assault allegations of 2012, and suspected ties to both Prince George the Elder of Sonora and the Duke of Cabo's Cabrillo Technologies, others see him as a moderate man of the people, who rejects the alt-right and seeks a moderate path aimed at bettering the country. He is considered a maverick in many ways, due to progressive opinions on social issues. While heavily criticized by the alt-right, his own followers see him as the way forward for the Royalist Party, combating the influence of the alt-right.

Von der Bellen is also seen by many as the most accessible and relatable politician in Sierra, due to his frequent interactions with constituents and supporters, during what he calls 'Question Hour' on Bubbler, where he responds to questions and criticism directed to him by both constituents and other Sierrans. He's also known to frequent bars and pubs in Las Vegas, and whenever he drives out to another part of Clark, he makes a point to visit the local shops and establishments. However, due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent law proposals regarding business zones with no county-level oversight, his approvals have tanked. As such, his approval ratings in Clark lie at a narrow 51.1%.

Political positions[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen's positions have been described as moderate conservative, with progressive and libertarian leanings. Political analysts have called him a 'anti-alt-right conservative Royalist who combats toxicity with unifying themes and compromise'. Party members have accused him of working with both the Libertarian Party and the Democratic-Republican Party and that he has no loyalty to the party. He has addressed that criticism by saying that cross-party decisions are the foundation of a good democratic system, and that party-over-country politics have lead to this extreme divide in Sierran politics.

Social issues[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen has described himself as "Generally pro-life but when it's a decision which endangers the mother or the child physically or mentally, it should be allowed". He also states that such matters should be left to the provinces to decide. He holds a 55% rating from the Sierran National Right to Life Foundation and a 45% from Planned Parenthood Sierra. SNRLF described him as "generally supportive of life, but compromises too much." whereas PP said of him that "While not a champion of women's rights in that regard, he understands the need to leave the choice to the people, and admits these are his personal reservations on the topic." During his campaign, he promised to introduce legislation that would increase the "transparency and oversight" of clinics that perform abortions and remarked that "This isn't about peering into privacy, this is about ensuring transparency to every Clarker like in every other domain." He supports extensive sexual education, and supports sexual education courses in school. He is thoroughly opposed to abstinence-only education and has said "Like Prime Minister Heartwell said, keeping children in the dark is only going to lead to unknowing teenagers making mistakes which will affect their entire lives moving forward".

Von der Bellen, married to a man of the same sex as him, supports same-sex marriage and strongly opposes attempts to overturn legalization in San Joaquin. He is also in favor of legislation intended to prevent discrimination of LGBT people. Regarding several remarks by then-Minister of Finance Heartwell about publicized lawsuits where small businesses refused service to gay and lesbian customers, von der Bellen said in a tweet:

File:GeorgBubbler.jpg Georg von der Bellen via Twitter

Replying to @yourarchnemesis

Just as nobody has the right to discriminate due to race, nobody has the right to discriminate due to sexuality. Pandering to alt-righters, Nemesis?

December 7, 2016

He supports the legalization of marijuana on a federal level and has implemented laws which apply lesser sentencing in drug offenses. He wishes to re-orient the justice system to focus on rehabilitation of drug offenders rather than incarceration. Von der Bellen supports having schools adopt curriculum aimed at teaching students the actual effects of both illegal drugs and legal, but commonly abused, drugs, with such laws being implemented in Clark in March of 2019.

Von der Bellen, while saying that he supports free speech, draws a line between free speech and hate speech, and explaining that hate speech shouldn't be protected under free speech. He himself has had to deal with a lot of hate speech due to him being openly LGBT.

When asked if he supported women's rights, von der Bellen responded "As a person, I do support and wish to champion women's rights, and for some, I would fall under the banner of feminism, but due to the leading extremization and changing meaning of the term, I try to avoid using it. In any other context, I do believe in equality between men and women in every sense, and I'll give my mother as an example for it."

Economics[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen follows suit with his fellow Royalists with his support of free-market economics. He believes excessive regulation has reduced the amount of jobs in Clark and Sierra as a whole, and supports reforms to simplify regulation codes to make it easier for business owners to create jobs for Sierrans. On taxation, he opposes any plans any tax code that hurts the middle-class. He has proposed lowering the personal income tax while increasing the sales tax in Clark, which he has managed to put into law.

Regarding trade, von der Bellen supports trade agreements, stating that while protecting our own workers is important, going into the protectionist extreme is equally dangerous, and openly embraces a moderate version of globalism.

When talking about healthcare, von der Bellen endorses the current single-payer plan in place in Sierra. He does support the existence of private healthcare insurance providers as an alternative to the publicly funded option but believes the state should provide comprehensive baseline insurance for all. He also believes in expanding funding for mental health treatment and vehemently opposes private organizations running mental health and physical health institutions, a reversal which happened due to direct contact through the Von der Bellen Charitable Foundation with struggling members of the LGBT community, which has included several teenagers with mental health issues from which institutions sucked their money from.

Education[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen supports public schooling, and while he does support the ability to have school options, he believes that a system in place shouldn't be dismissed out of hand for more variety. On homeschooling, he believes that regulations are firm and fair, and believes de-regularization will lead to worse education for those children whose parents think they can educate them themselves. He also points to the fact that school is also a place where social skills are developed, not just a learning institution.

Von der Bellen is opposed to affirmative action in principle, but believes that until anyone can present to him a better alternative, he'll support it as a way to allow disenfranchised Sierrans to reach wealth and success, pointing to his colleague and business partner Alan Yang as one such individual.

Climate change[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen believes in the existence of anthropogenic climate change and supports businesses combating it by proposing tax breaks for industries who move to Clark and produce environmentally-friendly products. He has criticized many Royalists over the fact that they do nothing in order to ensure that rising sea levels do not flood coastal cities and that the drought in Clark doesn't continue for much longer, and while he opposes a carbon tax due to his belief that electric cars will replace the car we have quite soon, he believes politicians in Parliament on the Royalist side have done nothing to encourage the change, and has implemented tax breaks to drivers of hybrid and electric cars in order to quicken the replacement of traditional cars.

Foreign policy[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen rarely expresses beliefs on foreign policy, but he supports comprehensive relations between Sierra and the member states of the Conference of American States, Tondo, and the European Community.

Conference of American States[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen is opposed to Sierra leaving the Conference of American States, a possibility known as "Sierrexit." He believes that Sierra is economically and politically better off remaining a member of the CAS, only mentioning how Brexit went in the United Kingdom to make his point. He has criticized alt-right pundit Emil Alexandrescu as a conspiracy nut who demonizes the CAS.

Von der Bellen is open to the adoption of the Amero, as further trade within the CAS would be beneficial to Sierra and especially for states through which truckers would drive through to deliver goods, such as Clark.

Republicanism[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen has no disdain for cultural republicans, and believes his own party pushes the Styxie into further conflict. He has stated, however, that he is a fully-fledged monarchist, and supports the Queen. While he doesn't believe in the core concepts of Styxer republicanism, he does oppose infringement upon the culture and tradition of the Styxie. In that same vein, however, he opposes violence by both Jacobites and Republicans.

Electoral history[edit | edit source]

Year Office Libertarian Royalist
2018 Governor of Clark Jacqueline Ridge 45.8% Georg von der Bellen 50.8%

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Von der Bellen with husband Keith MacLeod.

Von der Bellen has lived with longtime partner Keith MacLeod since 1998, with only a short break in 2004, and they were married in 2013. The two met while attending the University of Sierra, Berkeley. MacLeod, a member of the Sierran Jacobite community, was studying accounting and, according to them, it took another room-mate of theirs to realize that they had feelings for each other. MacLeod is the CEO of Von Holt Group. The couple has adopted two children, a Korean baby girl named Eun and an orphaned German boy from Shasta called Thomas.

Religiously, von der Bellen has claimed that he was never very interested in religion, and while he believes there might be a God out there, he is not a practicing Christian. He is enrolled as a congregant member of the Lutheran Congregation of Sierra.

Von der Bellen is an avid surfer, and has been since his childhood. According to an interview with Newstar in 2020, when the Executive Council of Sierra convenes, he takes time to go out and surf in Malibu or Grands Ballons. He is an avid fan of absinthe, and is known to drink that at social gatherings. However, he disdains drunkenness. He has admitted to using marijuana while in college, and has also allowed the consumption of it in special premises in his resorts.

Von der Bellen is rumoured to have a book in the works.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Since before his entry into politics, von der Bellen has been involved in several controversies. The sexual abuse allegations against him have deeply shadowed his name for many years, and while mostly rehabilitated in the public's mind, he is still viewed with suspicion.

He was also criticized for having connections to financier and sexual abuser Ethan Libermann, though the charges against him were dropped, as he had never been to Libermann's Channelier villa and only had business relationships with him. More suspicion on the relationship was cast, when it was revealed that he and Prince George the Elder of Sonora had helped close the RBI investigation into him in 2016. Since then, it is assumed this has only happened due to leverage by Prince George on von der Bellen, as Cabrillo Technologies was a helping hand in establishing the resort empire von der Bellen owns. After the Red Rock Castle crisis, allegations have been made online that von der Bellen encouraged the Prince Elder to commit suicide, in order to hide his own sexual indiscretions, a theory which has trended on Bubbler under the hashtag #ForcedSuicide.

His controversial approach towards combatting the spread of SARS-COV-2 during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the subject of controversy, as it has been seen as a prioritization of the economy over the health of Clarkers. Von der Bellen defended his plan, saying that taking measures to prevent people from coming too closely together in a casino or restaurant environment can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and has argued that schools are much more dangerous to reopen than a restaurant. He's argued that he helped save countless small businesses and pointed out that no statistic has indicated that Clark has performed worse than the other provinces in preventing the spread of the virus.

The new bill allowing businesses to have business zones without county oversight have been met by fierce protests in Las Vegas, calling those county towns. The bill, being promoted by von der Bellen, is seen as a direct promotion of a return to company towns.

List of notable properties owned by von der Bellen[edit | edit source]

Name of Property Location Owned since Notes
Von Holt Las Vegas Las Vegas, Clark 2006
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, Clark 2009
Von Holt Reno Reno City, Reno 2010
Casino de Fontainebleu Little Gibraltar, Channel Islands 2011
Von Holt Cancún Cancún, Cancún 2012

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