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George Alexander Pomutz

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George Alexander Pomutz
Personal details
Born 2 June 1860
Keokuk, Iowa
Died 11 February 1929
New York
George Alexander Pomutz (in Romanian: George Alexandru Pomuț; June 2, 1860 - February, 11 1929) was an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist and politician. He was the son of the U.S. Army General George Pomutz. George Alexander Pomutz is best known for founding Agricola and The Philanthropic Society for War Victims in Eastern Europe. He served as Illinois State Treasurer from 1919 to 1926. In 1916 he became the 9th richest person in the State of Illinois.

Early Life

George Alexander Pomutz was born in the town of Keokuk, Iowa, in the settlement known as New Buda, founded by emigrants from the Kingdom of Hungary. His father was the ethnic Romanian George Pomutz, U.S. General in the America Civil War and Consul to Russia, his mother was another Romanian, Emilia Drahoş, daughter of another emigrant, known just by the name Drahoş, a friend of George Pomutz. His father migrated from Gyula and the Drahos family migrated from Banat, both under the authority of the Austrian Empire back then. George Alexander received primary and secondary education in Keokuk, after that he went to the Illinois Industrial University.