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AKA: Brazorian goblin, Brazorian monster
Glower alien.png
An artist's impression of the glower
Grouping Humanoid alien
Country Brazoria, Sierra
Region Anglo-America
Similar creatures Grey alien, Little green men

The glower (also known as the Brazorian goblin or the Brazorian alien) is a species of short, metallic-colored humanoid aliens that have been reportedly sighted throughout Brazoria, parts of eastern Sierra, and southwestern United Commonwealth. Specimens of the glower species are also allegedly housed by national governments at military compounds such as Snrith Gulch, Area 51, and Kentucky Bend. The existence of the species has been the subject of significant discussion among ufological and paranormal circles. UFOlogists have described the glowers as the most well-documented and prevalent case of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, while skeptics have attributed sightings of glowers as misidentification of naturally explainable phenomena such as meteors, owls, and raccoons. The earliest reported sightings and alleged close encounters began in the 1950s in the rural counties of Pecos Province. The most famous incident was the Eunice–Andrews encounter in 1963 when a group of glowers terrorized a family at their home. Since then, numerous sightings have continued to be reported at a frequent basis, spreading to other regions in Anglo-America including Sierra, Superior, Astoria, and the United Commonwealth, some of which have been debunked as hoaxes. Glowers are recognized as an extant species according to the First Interstellaire and the subject of considerable focus by Continental politician and author Amelia Fowler Crawford.

The alien has become a permanent fixture and icon in Anglo-American folklore and has been depicted and commercialized in popular media. A notable case is with the Brazorian-based hamburger fast food chain Crashburger which features the glower as its corporate mascot and on its logo. The glower is one of the most distinguished and prominent "cryptids" in North America, alongside Bigfoot and Snrith. It has also been subject to interest among conspiracy theorists who allege glowers are being held captive at military installations. Both the Sierran and Brazorian governments have denied the existence or detention of such entities, although the Sierran Royal Air Force has jokingly acknowledged its existence every April Fools' Day, releasing a document purportedly containing classified information regarding the alien. Meanwhile, the United Commonwealth has neither denied nor confirmed the existence of the glower, despite its purported existence officially accepted by a minority of Continentalist party members.


The earliest reports and documented cases of alleged glower encounters and activity date back to 1952 in Pecos Province. People residing in the rural towns of the province began reporting strange phenomenon including "flying saucers" and "strange lights" in the night sky. The first mention of extraterrestrial beings matching the description of the contemporary glower was made by Brazorian farmer John Hopper Ingraham, who claimed that he had witnessed a live cow abduction by small "goblin men" and their spacecraft. Similar reports throughout Pecos Province around the same time were also made, leading locals to believe that the province was a "hot spot".

Description and appearance

The glower is described as a short-statured humanoid (roughly 3 to 4 feet tall) with gray, metallic skin and orange, glowing eyes. It is "goblin-like" in appearance with bat-like ears, a lanky body, long arms which extend just beyond its torso, and webbed hands.

Reported sightings and encounters


In popular culture

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