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The administrative agencies of the Government of Japan are the organs of administrative governance in Japan, comprising the executive branch of the Japanese government. Government institutions in Japan include the Cabinet Office, the ministries, agencies, and administrative committees.


Generally, "administrative agencies" of the Japanese government refer to the government Ministries and their related external organizations, agencies and administrative committees, and the Cabinet Office and its related external organizations, agencies, and administrative committees.

Each ministry is headed by a minister as outlined by the Constitution of Japanese. Each minister is responsible for the management of a portfolio of administrative affairs, responsibility shared with the Prime Minister. Each minister leading a ministry is appointed by the Prime Minister with the approval of the Diet. Independent agencies are led by a secretary. Administrative committees are led by a chairperson. As a rule, administrative agencies are directly under the jurisdiction of Cabinet, except for the constitutionally-independent Board of Audit.

List of government agencies[edit]

Name of institution Leader Authorizing law or text
Cabinet Prime Minister Constitution of Japan, Basic Law on the Cabinet
  Cabinet Secretariat Chief Cabinet Secretary Constitution of Japan, Basic Law on the Cabinet
  General Counsel Cabinet General Counsel
National Security Organization Chairman of the National Security Organization
National Personnel Agency Secretary of Personnel
Cabinet Legislative Office Secretary of the Cabinet Legislative Office
Cabinet Office Prime Minister
  National Public Safety Commission Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission
  National Police Agency Director-General of the National Police Agency National Police Law
Financial Services Agency Secretary of Financial Services
Consumer Affairs Agency Secretary of Consumer Affairs
Fair Trade Commission Secretary of Fair Trade
Ministry of Defense Minister of Defense
  National Defense Council Chairman of the National Defense Council
Armed Forces Command Joint Staff Office Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Ground Staff Office Secretary of the Army
Maritime Staff Office Secretary of the Navy
Air Staff Office Secretary of the Air Forces
Japanese State Armed Forces Japanese State Army Army Chief of Staff
Japanese State Navy Navy Chief of Staff
Japanese State Air Forces Air Forces Chief of Staff
Japan Coast Guard Coast Guard Chief of Staff
Defense Acquisitions Agency Directory of Defense Acquisitions
Defense Advanced Research Agency Director of Defense Research
Defense Intelligence Agency Director of Defense Intelligence
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs
  Japanese Foreign Service Director-General of the Foreign Service
Foreign Affairs Council Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Council
Overseas Exchange Council Chairperson of the Overseas Exchange Council
Foreign Service Training Institute Director of the Foreign Service Training Institute
Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister of Internal Affairs
  Japan Post President and Chief Executive of Japan Post Postal Services Consolidation Act
Local Finance Council Chairperson of the Local Finance Council
Administrative Appeals Review Board Chairperson of the Administrative Appeals Review Board
National Administrative Evaluation System Committee Chairperson of the National Administrative Evaluation System Committee
National-Regional Dispute Resolution Board Chairperson of the National-Regional Dispute Resolution Board
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Board Chairperson of the Telecomunications Dispute Resolution Board
Radio Audit Council Chairperson of the Radio Audit Council
Ministry of the Treasury Minister of the Treasury
Ministry of Information and Culture Minister of Information and Culture
  Japan Protected Designations Service Secretary of the Protected Designations Service
Central Information Bureau Director of the Central Information Bureau
Government Communications Coordination Committee Chairperson of the Government Communications Coordination Committee
Agency for Cultural Affairs Secretary for Cultural Affairs
Domestic Cultural Support Bureau Director of the Domestic Cultural Support Bureau
Cultural Preservation Office Director of the Cultural Preservation Office
Cultural Heritage Protection Bureau Director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Bureau
Media Production Group Director of the Media Production Group
Japan Broadcasting Corporation President of the NHK
Ministry of Justice Minister of Justice
Ministry of Education, Sports, and Technology Minister of Education, Sports, and Technology
Ministry of Health and Welfare Minister of Health and Welfare
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Ministry of International Development Minister of International Development
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Minister of Transport and Infrastructure
Board of Audit Inspector General of Japan

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