Grand Mufti of Sierra

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Grand Mufti of Sierra
المفتي العاظم
Flag of the Grand Mufti of Sierra.png
Salah El-Din Omran.jpg
Salah El-Din Omran

since March 10, 2016
Style Mr. Grand Mufti
The Honourable, Mufti Azam-us-Siarrah, Hadrat, and Mufti ad-Diyar as-Siarrah, Shaykh al-Islām, Sheikh and Sahib-ul-Ma'ali in Arabic
His Eminence
Type Religious post
Status Grand Mufti of Sierra
Member of Sierran Muslim Council
Seat Islamic Center of Salsipuedes
Salsipuedes, Pacífico Norte
Appointer Muslim Majlis of Sierra
Salary $120,000 KSD

The Grand Mufti of Sierra is the most senior, most influential religious authority and spiritual leader of the Islamic Community of Sierra. The Grand Mufti is elected by prominent Muslim scholars and Islamic organizations in the country and appointed by the Muslim Majlis of Sierra. The current incumbent is Salah El-Din Omran.


Muslims have had a long presence in Sierra. Historians argue that Muslims first arrived in Sierra in the early 16th century in present-day New Mexico and Arizona. All analysts agree that the first migration consisted of African slaves. Most slaves who tried to maintain Islamic religious practices after their arrives were forcibly converted to Christianity. Immigration drastically increased from 1878 to 1924 when Muslims from Syria settled in modern-day Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, and Dakotas. During that era, the Ford Company employed Muslims as well as African-Americans, since they were the most inclined to work in its factories under demanding conditions.

The first African country to recognize Sierra as an independent nation was the Ifrikiye, under its ruler Şahlerşah Karahan I, in the year 1858.

In the early 20th century, during the Sierran Cultural Revolution, the Sierran Muslim population faced an identity crisis as their way of life and faith was under threat by the emerging Protestant-Confucianist New Culture. Although liberal and secular Muslims were more readily accepting towards Sierra's new cultural values, the Orthodox Muslim community was more bitterly divided towards their response to the changing environment. Orthodox Muslims who believed in tolerating and even accepting some aspects of the New Culture became closely associated with Sufi Muslims while the more traditionalist Salafi Muslims favored isolationism and resisting cultural pressure.

The first Grand Mufti of Sierra was Sultanzade Mucib. Mucib was a famous Hanafi scholar who had deep knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence. His English statements on Islamic subjects were published as Magna Fatwas which later became famous.

Sultanzade Mucıb was the son of an Ifrikiyelı princess. He was the first Ifrikiyelı Ambassador to Sierra (1858), who stayed in Sierra and later was appointed Grand Mufti of Sierra.


The Grand Mufti is the most senior religious authority in the country. His main role is to give opinions (fatwas) on Islamic legal matters and social affairs. The Grand Mufti was traditionally chosen from the Sunni Islam.


The Office of the Grand Mufti is located at the Islamic Center of Salsipuedes in Salsipuedes, Pacífico Norte, which is also the de facto headquarters of the Sierran Muslim Council, the largest body of Muslim Sierran imams and most prominent Muslim Sierran civil rights and interests organization.

Grand Muftiship of Omran[edit]

Salah El-Din Omran was sworn in as the Grand Mufti of Sierra on March 10, 2016 at the Islamic Center of Salsipuedes.

List of Grand Muftis of Sierra[edit]

# Name Tenure Madhhab Place Other works & activities
1 Sultanzade Mucib
سلطانزادہ مجیب
1860-1882 Hanafi Salsipuedes Magna Fatwas
2 Üveys Ebu Hureyre Effendi
أویس ابو ھریرہ افندي
1882-1913 Hanafi Salsipuedes first to be approved by Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II.
First World War
3 Ahmad al-Qadri
احمد القادري
1921-1939 Hanbali Salsipuedes Addressed to growing anti-Semitism.
Second World War
4 Gabdulla Nurmagedov
عبدالله ابن نورمحمد
1945-1971 Shafi‘i Salsipuedes Addressed to Mutual Respect to other faiths.
first Russian-origin Grand Mufti.
5 Bilal Musa
بلال موسی
1971-1998 Maliki Salsipuedes first African-origin Grand Mufti.
6 Akram Raza Qadri
أکرم رضی قادري
1998-2016 Hanafi Salsipuedes first South Asian-origin Grand Mufti.
7 Salah El-Din Omran
صلاح الدین عمران
March 10, 2016 - Present Shafi‘i Salsipuedes Abrahamic Faiths Summit 2018

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