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Grant Carlyle
Grant Carlyle (Dave Rubin).jpg
Official portrait, March 2015
23rd President of Alcenia
Assumed office
January 20, 2015
Vice President Holden Beck
Preceded by Noah D. Spencer
Representative for Keiwasta's 5th riding
In office
January 3, 2009 – January 3, 2015
Preceded by Anna Fauvish
Succeeded by Veronica Frasier
Personal details
Grant Murray Carlyle

(1976-04-22) April 22, 1976 (age 44)
Pleasant Heights, Keiwasta, Alcenia
Political party Conservative Democratic
Spouse(s) Johanna Kirtida (m. 2000)
Children 3 (including Daniel Carlyle)
Alma mater Keiwasta State University
Chester McNaughton School of Law, Frontera Norte
Religion Catholicism

Grant Murray Carlyle (born April 22, 1976) is an Alcenian politician currently serving as the 23rd President of Alcenia since 2015. Prior to assuming this office, he was a member of the House of Commons representing Keiwasta's 5th congressional riding.

Born in Pleasant Heights, Keiwasta to a family of attorneys, Carlyle attended Keiwasta State University and earned a master's degree in history and a bachelor's degree in political science in 1996. He then moved to Vellonia to study at the Chester McNaughton School of Law in Frontera Norte where he earned a master's degree in law in 1999. He then returned to Keiwasta and passed the Alcenian Bar Examination and the Keiwasta State Bar Examination. He then joined his father's law firm as an associate in 2001. His father's firm specialized in business contract law which did not fit Carlyle's interest, which caused him to depart from the firm in 2006 after five years. He then decided to enter local politics in his native Pleasant Heights, unsuccessfully running for mayor in 2007. The next year, he launched a bid to run for Keiwasta's 5th congressional riding as a Conservative Democrat, becoming a dark horse candidate in the Social Republican-leaning district. In a small upset victory, he defeated his opponent, two-time incumbent Gabriel Theude, becoming the first Conservative Democratic representative for the riding in 10 years.

While in Congress he voted mostly in lockstep with the rest of his party. He promoted socially conservative politics, endorsing a bill to federally prohibit same-sex marriage by statute. He also supported legislation to promote abstinence-only sexual education, but broke party ranks in co-sponsoring a bill that would subsidize birth control medication for low-income women. He garnered attention as a vocal critic of President Noah Spencer and his administration's health care plan, voting against all three major proposals set forth by the Social Republicans between 2010 and 2013. Carlyle served on several committees while in the House of Commons, including the Committee on National Resources, Committee on Appropriations, and Committee on Ethics, the latter of which he became ranking member in late 2013, spearheading an investigation into allegations of bribery against Carl Haase, Director of the Federal Roads and Highways Administration.

In February 2014, he announced his candidacy for President of Alcenia. He ran against four other Conservative Democratic candidates and initially started off low in the polls. However, the unexpected suspensions of the two frontrunners Senator Ben O'Hanegan and Senator Brendan Wilson over two related sex scandals quickly left Carlyle as the only viable candidate. He became the presumptive nominee in March 2014, well ahead of the Conservative Democratic National Convention in August. Following Social Republican candidate Kerry Antonio's "Spicy Mexicans" gaffe, Carlyle formed a comfortable margin in the polls leading up to the election, eventually winning with 53.3% of the vote in November 2014. He was sworn in as the 23rd President of Alcenia on January 20, 2015.

His first term in office was characterized by a return to a "socially conservative spirit" in Carlyle's words. Healthcare reform became a hot-button issue as the Social Republicans, despite losing the presidency, had gained a majority in the House of Commons. Negotiations between Majority Leader Isaiah Perez and Carlyle concluded in a compromise to pass the General Provisions and Health Care Affordability Act of 2015 (GPHCA) which aimed to lower insurance premium costs while relaxing restrictions on school choice. In 2016, several major same-sex marriage court cases garnered national attention and Carlyle's voting record against LGBT rights came back into public view. He publicly revised his stance on same-sex marriage, saying "It is now my view that the government ought to have no place in what is essentially a private and spiritual affair between two individuals."

In 2017, Carlyle announced he would be seeking re-election in the 2018 presidential election. He won the Conservative Democratic nomination with no opposition and defeated Social Republican nominee Devon Salinas with 51.1% of the vote and overseeing Conservative Democratic gains in the House and Senate.

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