Great Britain

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United Republic of Great Britain

Flag of Västralige
of Västralige
Coat of arms
'Motto: "God is Our Guide"
Official languages English
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s) British
Government Federal Parlimentary Democratic Republic
• President
Jeremy Corbyn
• Premier
Tom Watson
• Estimate
Currency British Pound
Time zone TBD
Date format dd-mm-yy-mn
Driving side left
Internet TLD .gb

The United Republic of Great Britain or just Great Britain or Britain for short, is a federal republic located in Northern Europe. It takes up the island of Great Britain and shares the British Isles with the Republic of Ireland located in the island next to Great Britain, Ireland.

The island of Great Britain has been home to numerous tribes, people, and nations since the beginning of written history. Britain today is home to 3 main ethnic groups: The English, the Scottish, and the Welsh, all of which make up the British identity and People.

For the longest time, the British Isles were ruled by a absolutist monarchal dynasty until the British Revolution in 1790s that overthrew the Oppressive Stuart Dynasty and instituted a Revolutionary Republic and began 10 years of Terror against so called “counterrevolutionaries” and Catholics.

History[edit | edit source]

Government and Politics[edit | edit source]

The Government of Great Britain is based on the 1794 Constitutuon that officially made Britain a Republic. The government is divided into the Executive Branch, the Leglislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

Britain is a federal republic based on democratic principles, with the Republic being divided into 3 “Nations” Which are England, Scotland and Wales.These Nations all have their own devolved governments and leglislators that make decisions for their nation.

Parliament[edit | edit source]

The Parliament of Great Britain is the body that makes up the leglislative branch. The parliament makes the laws regarding the nation and also has the ability to declare wars on other countries and to embargo another country.

Inside Parliament

British Parliament is divided into 2 houses, the House of Representatives is the lower house, while the higher house is the House of Electors. Both houses have 2 speakers, which are tasked with keeping debates civil and restoring order when needed.