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Green Party of Sierra

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Green Party of Sierra
Leader Mark de Klerk (PL)
Founder Julian Cooke
Founded August 2, 1982; 41 years ago (1982-08-02)
Newspaper Daily Greens
Student wing Campus Greens
Youth wing Young Green Sierrans
Women's Wing Green Women's Caucus
LGBT Wing Lavender Greens of Sierra
Membership 185,00 (2020)
Ideology Green politics
Eco socialism
Political position Red flag waving.svg Left-wing
International affiliation Global Greens
Red-Green Alliance
2 / 155
House of Commons
7 / 326
American Parliament
4 / 85
1 / 46

Politics of the Kingdom of Sierra
Political parties

The Green Party of Sierra is a green political party in the Kingdom of Sierra. It's a federation of political parties that support green politics and is Sierra's leading environmentalist political party.

The party was founded in 1982 as the successor to the Green Movement of Sierra, which was Sierra's leading green political alliance and movement prior to the formation of the Green Party. The party was formed in response to percieved environmental neglect by the Sierran government as well as opposition to Sierran involvement in the Nicaragua War which the party denounced as an act of imperialism. The party's main principals are support for green politics and eco-socialism, progressivism, anti-capitalism and Sierran republicanism. For much of its history, the party did poorly in federal elections, but started to gain ground in the 1990s and throughout the 2000s also made gains under the leadership of Estella Tate. From 2008 until 2016, the Green Party was part of the progressive coalition lead by Prime Minister Steven Hong of the Democratic-Republican Party and was also part of the DRPS-led opposition from 2016 until 2020. Between 2020 and 2022, the Green Party was part of the governing progressive coalition between the DRPS, Green Party, and the Social Democrats led by Susan Kwon and have been part of the official opposition since 2023.

The party has been led by Mark de Klerk of Plumas since 2023 and has a limited presence in parliament overall, currently holding 7 seats in the House of Commons and 2 seats, both from Shasta, in the Senate as of 2023 in the 68th K.S. Parliament. Of the 85 seats within Sierra's delegation to the American Parliament, the Green Party has four elected MAPs and is affiliated with the Red-Green Alliance within the Conference of American States. It only holds one governorship, Kaitlyn Gans of Shasta.


Hong coalition (2008–2016)

Opposition (2016–2020)

Kwon coalition (2020–2022)

Opposition (2022–present)

Symbol and Name


Economic issues

The Green Party leans heavily to the left in regards to economic issues taking a left-wing stance on all such issues. On the issue of healthcare, the Green Party supports establishing a nationwide single-payer system funded directly by the federal government rather than funded on the provincial level by the various provincial government. The Greens also favor rescinding most restrictions on both abortion and narcotics and favor complete legalization of marijuana and other recreational drugs in Sierra. The Green Party is highly critical of capitalism with many of its members favoring a mixed economy, though most support the Nordic model seen in Scandinavia.

The party favors raising the national minimum wage up to $12 an hour, ending right to work laws and other anti-union measures, and for all public colleges and universities to be publically funded like regular K-12 public schools. The party is opposed to privitizing education and opposes such measures. Since 2019, the Green Party has publically supported the Green New Deal in Sierra and the proposed Environmental Restoration Act on the Pan-American level in order to address climate change and environmental decline, which they call an existential crisis.

Social issues

The Green Party is ardently supportive of advancing and preserving LGBT rights in the Kingdom of Sierra and favors a national legalization of same-sex marriage on the federal level and for completel legal and anti-discrimination protections for all LGBT Sierrans. The party has opposed measures to ban same-sex marriage and attempts to overturn legalization on the provincial level with Shasta being one of the first provinces to legalize same-sex marriage in Sierra in 2002. The Greens support legal recognition of transgender and other LGBT gender identities both legally and within schools and other public institutions.

The party supports racial justice as well calling for major systemic reform and reorganization of all police departments and law enforcement agencies in the nation to reduce police brutality, increase police oversight and punish police officers that have broken the law and exercised excessive force. The party also favors the abolition of private prisons and the release of all arrested for non-violent drug offenses, especially those arrested for marijuana charges. The Greens also support the abolition of the death penalty and allowing for former felons to vote and be able to access employment upon their release from prison and for all Sierran prisons to be reformed to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Foreign policy

The Green Party is largelt non-interventionist in regards to foreign policy opposing the frequent usage of military intervention by Sierra and its government in the past. The party favors withdrawing Sierran troops from Syria and ending the country's involvement in the Syrian Civil War believing it to be a "unbearable and useless war for Sierra and its citizens to remain bogged down in" according to their official website. The party favors diplomacy and using it to maintain peace and international stability. While supporting sanctions against nations for illegal actions such as China over their annexation of Rehe Province in 2014, they oppose any military escalation and vocally opposed sending Sierran and CAS troops to Manchuria in 2015.

The Green Party supports the Conference of American States and is an ardent American unionist party describing the CAS as a "flawed, but nonetheless vital, effective and important institution that ensures Sierra's connection to the outside world and Anglo-America" in their platform and vocally opposed and campaigned against Sierrexit during the 2019 CAS membership referendum. The party favors continued integration of Sierra within the CAS and favors cooperation among the international community in regard to major international crises rather than having just Sierra or another nation leading the charge.

Political positions

Economic issues

Social issues

  • Legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.
  • Outlaw the act of conversion therapy nationwide.
  • Protect and expand LGBT rights in Sierra.
  • Pass nationwide anti-discrimination protections for LGBT Sierrans.
  • Strike down all abortion restrictions nationwide.
  • End federal support for private and charter school programs.

Foreign policy

Voting Base

Known Factions

Republican Caucus

Electoral history

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