Green Party of Sierra

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Green Party of Sierra
Leader Jonathan Mueller
Founder Julian Cooke
Founded April 3rd, 1967
Newspaper Daily Greens
Student wing Campus Greens
Youth wing Young Green Sierrans
Women's Wing Green Women's Caucus
LGBT Wing Lavender Greens of Sierra
Membership 432,188 (2019 estimates)
Ideology Green politics
Eco socialism
Political position Red flag waving.svg Left-wing
International affiliation Global Greens
Red-Green Alliance
6 / 125
House of Commons
12 / 276
American Parliament
4 / 65
2 / 40

Leftism in Sierra
Political parties in Sierra
Elections in Sierra

The Green Party of Sierra is a green political party in the Kingdom of Sierra. It's a federation of political parties that support green politics and is Sierra's leading environmentalist political party.

The party was founded on April 3rd, 1967 during the Vietnam War in response to reports of environmental damage in Vietnam as a result of the CAS-led coalition in Vietnam as well as high civilian casualties being sustained in bombing runs. Other issues were also the environmental impacts of nuclear weapons testing between Anglo-America and the Soviet Union and the party was founded by Julian Cooke from San Francisco. Since the early 2000s, the party has been rising in membership and influence, especially in left-leaning provinces like San Francisco and many of the provinces of the Styxie and has been running on a platform of Environmental protection, Eco-socialism and Social justice. The Green Party has seats in the Parliament of Sierra and is part of the leading opposition faction, the Democratic-Greens, alongside the Democratic-Republican Party.

The party is currently lead by Jonathan Mueller since 2016 following his victory in the leadership election and succeeded Estella Tate as the party's leader.


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