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Green Party of the Maritime Republic

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Green Party of the Maritime Republic
Parti Vert de la République Maritime
Leader Jared Colon
Founded September 18, 2010; 13 years ago (2010-09-18)
Headquarters 403 Regent Street, Fredericton, Maritime Republic
Student wing Student Greens
Youth wing Young Greens
Women's wing National Alliance of Green Women
Membership 33,420
Ideology Green politics
Democratic socialism
Left-wing populism
American unionism
Political position Red flag waving.png Left-wing
International affiliation Global Greens
Red-Green Alliance
Official colors      Green
National Assembly
14 / 162
County ministers
7 / 36
American Parliament
3 / 20

Political parties in the Maritime Republic
Elections in the Maritime Republic

The Green Party of the Maritime Republic (French: Parti Vert de la République Maritime) is a green political party in the Maritime Republic. Founded in 2010, the party is the most recent political party to be formed in the country next to the Christian Democratic Party. It is a left-wing political party that runs on a platform centered around environmentalism and left-wing populism and is also multi-tendency with factions espousing democratic socialism, social democracy, and liberal socialism. It's current leader is Jared Colon from the South Nova Scotia district.

The party was founded as an alliance of environmentalists, left-wing activists and serves as the leading green party in the country. The party's primary concern is addressing climate change, restructuring the Maritime economy to end dependency on fossil fuels, reduce income inequality and to protect coastal communities and other "vulnerable citizens" from the future effects of climate change. The party's base is mostly centered in coastal areas and communities, especially the Nova Scotia districts and other coastal communities, though major cities are contested between the Greens and Liberals. As of 2018, the Green Party has 14 seats in the National Assembly and seven county ministers. It has three members elected to the Maritime's delegation to the American Parliament as part of the Red-Green Alliance. The party is also in a joint opposition alongside the Liberal Party and New Democratic Alliance.



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