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Total population
 Greenland 37,085
Regions with significant populations
 Canada 2,201
 Denmark 1,792
 United Kingdom 1,184
 Norway 576
 Sweden 139
Other countries c. 1,200
Primarily Danish, but also Norwegian, Swedish, or English
Catholicism (under the Catholic Church in Greenland)

Greenlanders, or Greenlandic people, are a North Germanic ethnic group who are native to the island country of Greenland and speak Danish. They are primarily descended from Norsemen (mainly from Denmark and Norway) that that first colonised the island in the 10th century.

The Norse colonies in Greenland lost contact with for a period Norway in the 15th century due to the upheavals resulting from the Black Death, later becoming ruled by Denmark–Norway and finally the independent kingdom of Denmark until gaining independence in a personal union with that country in 1918. The main religion of Greenlanders is Catholicism, as they were cut off from Europe before the Reformation occurred in Denmark and Norway. Initially they spoke Norwegian but now primarily speak Danish, although Norwegian is still spoken by some Greenlanders.

They have no relation to Greenlandic Inuits, the largest ethnic group in Greenland and the country's indigenous people. A small amount of intermarriages occurred with the Greenlanders. The Nordic Greenlanders still maintain control over politics, finance, and other sources of power in Greenland, being the dominant group.

Significant overseas Greenlandic populations exist in nearby Canada and also in Denmark, Norway, and to a lesser extent other European countries.