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Gun law in the Kingdom of Sierra at the federal level deals primarily with regulating the manufacture, sale, trade, possession, transfer, transport, and destruction of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories. At the federal level, universal background check is enforced through the Ministry of Justice's Federal Registry and Database of Firearms, which records and evaluates all legal firearms transactions by licensed gun dealers. Private sale or transfer of firearms by private sellers are also required to record transactions with the federal registry. Since 2002, all firearms owners are required to register their firearms with the federal government. In addition to the federal laws, each PSA has their own laws and regulations on firearms.

The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right in the Kingdom of Sierra as enshrined in Article XI of the K.S. Constitution. In the 1998 Supreme Court landmark ruling Nelson v. San Francisco, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is limited to a well-regulated militia (those affiliated with the professional armed forces), thereby permitting provinces, states, and areas to set their own regulations and restrictions on civilian use of firearms within their jurisdiction. As of 2019, all PSAs permit civilian use of firearms but vary exceptionally. Provinces such as San Francisco and Gold Coast have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country, whereas in provinces such as Clark and Maricopa, gun control laws are significantly relaxed and liberal in comparison.

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