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This interstellar empire is part of Stellar Civilizations.
Science Directorate of Ha-Jin

Ha-Jin Karam Baraban
Capital Khamyong'a, Ötfaks T'halak
Official languages Ouyque
Recognised regional languages See Languages of Ha-Jin
Demonym(s) Ha-Jin
Government Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
Legislature Council of Scientists of Ha-Jin
Conncil of Scientists of Ha-Jin
Date format dd.mm.yyyy

Ha-Jin, officially the Science Directorate of Ha-Jin (Ouyque: Ha-Jin Karam Baraban), is a technocratic interstellar empire in the galaxy of Milky Way. At about 4% of the star systems in the galaxy, it is one of the largest empires of the Milky Way. The capital of the empire is Khamyong'a District of the planet of Ötfaks T'halak in the Miri star system.