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Henry, Prince of Lakota

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Prince Henry
Prince of Lakota (more)
Prince Henry of Lakota 2020.png
Prince Henry in December 2019
Born (2001-03-17) March 17, 2001 (age 22)
Flag of Minnesota.png Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Saint Anthony, Minneapolis, Superior
Spouse Julia Gaston (m. 2021)
Full name
Henry Christian Charles Augustus Miller
Royal house House of Welfburg
Father William II
Mother Isabelle
Religion Lutheranism

Henry, Prince of Lakota (Henry Christian Charles Augustus-Miller; March 17, 2001) is the heir apparent to the Superian throne. He is the eldest child of William II and Queen Isabelle.

Henry was born in Saint Anthony, Minneapolis. He was educated at the Townsend School and later the Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy. He attended the University of Minneapolis and received degrees in political administration and history. He was made Prince of Lakota during the coronation of his father in 2015. At the age of fourteen, he is the youngest individual to be named heir apparent to the Superian throne. He received the additional titles of Landgrave of Willowgrove and Lord Ramswell following his marriage to Julia Gaston in 2021.

Early life and education

Henry Christian Charles Augustus-Miller was born on March 17, 2001 at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Saint Anthony, Minneapolis. He was born the first child of the then Prince and Princess of Lakota. He displaced his uncle, Prince August, as second-in-line to the Superian throne. His birth was publicly announced an hour after his delivery and was celebrated by gun salutes outside of the Heartland Palace and celebrations across Superior. His first public appearance was three days following his birth on the balcony of Heartland Palace, where he was introduced to thousands gathered outside the palace gates. He was baptized as a member of the National Lutheran Church on March 31, 2001.

Henry spent most of his childhood at the Lakota Palace in Sioux Falls, Dakota, where he was raised alongside his younger twin siblings Prince George and Princess Alexandra. He attended the Townsend School, a private school located in Sioux Falls, from 2007 to 2015 for his elementary and middle school education, and later attended the Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy, a prestigious border school in Saint Anthony, from 2015 to 2019. At the Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy, Henry was involved in a number of sports, including soccer and baseball. Henry attended school under the name Henry Augustus-Miller.

Henry attended the University of Minneapolis from 2019 to 2022, where he received degrees in political administration and Superian history. While at university, he shared a dorm room with Andres Cantu-Galleano, a member of the Cantu-Galleano family. Cantu-Galleano later served as the best man at Henry's wedding to Julia Gaston.

Prince of Lakota

Henry was made heir apparent to the Superian throne on October 3, 2015 when his grandfather, Christian, abdicated in favor of his father, William. Henry was officially made the Prince of Lakota, the title held by the heir apparent to the throne, during his father's coronation ceremony. At the age of fourteen, Henry became the youngest individual to be named the Prince of Lakota. As the Prince of Lakota, Henry also was granted the titles of Duke of Cumberland, Duke of Minnesota, and the Landgrave of Teviotdale.

As a minor, Henry did not officially assume the responsibilities of the heir apparent to the throne until his eighteenth birthday. In May of 2019, Henry conducted his first public engagement in the capacity of the Prince of Lakota, visiting a children's hospital in the city of Augustus with his cousin, the Count of Edgerton. Henry made a similar visits to the Abbott Northeastern Hospital, the place of his birth, in July of 2019 and Two Harbors General Hospital in August.

With the start of his first term in university, it was announced that Henry was temporarily withdrawing from public service in order to focus on his education. However, he did appear alongside the rest of his family at the 2020 State Opening of Parliament. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Henry met with various student and educational leaders to discuss the hardships the pandemic has brought to education. He also donated to various COVID-19 relief funds. He was infected by the COVID-19 virus on two separate occasions: in May of 2020, along with his mother, and in May of 2021 after attending an in-person class session at the University of Minneapolis.

Henry returned to public service in after his graduation from the University of Minneapolis in May of 2021. In August of 2021, Henry married his longtime partner Julia Gaston. Their wedding was the royal event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first royal marriage since the wedding of the Count and Countess of Edgerton. In October of 2021, Henry conducted his first international visit, traveling to Brazil and meeting with Emperor Alfonso II.

In January of 2022, Henry and Julia moved into to the Lakota Palace. Their moving into the palace was protested by some members of the local government, who criticized the decision as the palace had been operating as a museum since 2015. Henry accompanied his father to the 2022 Point Dana summit in the Kingdom of Sierra, where he also attended a secondary event of heir apparents along with Princess Clara Maria, Duchess of Colorado, Louis Philippe, Prince Royal of France, and Luís, Prince Imperial of Brazil. In May of 2022, Henry conducted a review of the Royal Footmen in place of his father in Saint Anthony.

Personal life

Family, interests, and relationships

Henry was born the eldest child and first son of William II and Queen Isabelle. He is the older brother to Prince George and Princess Alexandra, who are twins, the grandson of Christian, the grand-nephew of Henry II, his namesake, great-grandson of William I of Superior, and the great-great grandson of Anne and Prince Christian. Through Prince Christian, he is a descendent of Charles I, a distant cousin of Elizabeth II of Sierra, and thirtieth-in-line to the Sierran throne.

Henry is an avid sports enthusiast, an interest he shares with his brother, Prince George. While attending high school, he played baseball and soccer and during his senior year was a member of the water polo and swimming teams. In the capacity of the Prince of Lakota, Henry has been the patron of a number of clubs of a variety of sports. He has participated in the Saint Anthony All-Ball Game since 2019 along with other members of the royal family, typically playing against his father.

After entering his teens, the personal life of Henry became a fascination for various media tabloids, who promoted mostly false rumors regarding his romantic relationships. Tabloid interest in Henry's personal life sparked various warnings by the federal government and the Heartland Palace, the latter of which threatened to sued the Daily Whisperer after the tabloid reported that Henry was a "high school playboy". Henry began a romantic relationship with Julia Gaston, a fellow classmate from the Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy, in 2019. After a two years together, the couple became engaged in July of 2021 and married a month later in August. Their wedding was attended by various international royalty and heads of state.

Titles, styles, and honors

Titles and style

Royal styles of
Henry, Prince of Lakota
Coat of arms of the Prince or Princess of Lakota.svg
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
  • March 17, 2000-October 3, 2015 His Royal Highness, The Prince Henry
  • October 3, 2015- His Royal Highness, Prince Henry of Lakota

Henry has been a Superian prince since birth. He was granted the title of Prince of Lakota, along with the subsidiary titles of Duke of Cumberland, Duke of Minnesota, and the Landgrave of Teviotdale. On his wedding day, he was also granted the titles of Landgrave of Willowgrave and Lord Ramswell, which could be inherited by any of his potential children.

Since 2021, Henry is officially addressed as: His Royal Highness, The Prince of Lakota. In more formal settings, such as royal or government ceremonies, he is addressed as: His Royal Highness, The Prince of Lakota, Duke of Cumberland, of Minnesota, Landgrave of Teviotdale, of Willowgrove, The Lord Ramswell. In accordance with the House of Welfburg's claim to the Hanoverian throne, Henry could also be addressed as His Highness, The Crown Prince of Hanover and Duke of Brunswick, though that address is rarely, if ever, used.


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