Prince Henry

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Prince Henry
Prince of Lakota (more...)
Prince Henry.jpg
Prince of Lakota
Reign December 10th, 2015 - present
Full name
Henry Christian Charles George William Augustus-Miller
Royal house House of Welfburg
Father William II & III
Mother Queen Isabella
Occupation Student

Prince Henry of Lakota (Henry Christian Charles George William Augustus-Miller, March 17th, 2001 - Present) is a member of the Superian royal family.He is the eldest son of King William II and Queen Isabelle of Superior, and is first in line of succession to the throne of Superior. He is the elder brother of his sister Princess Alexandra and his brother Prince George. Through his ancestry he is a Direct descendant of James VI and I of England and George I of Great Britain.

Birth and Childhood[edit]

On August 2nd, 2000 the then Prince William of Lakota and Princess Isabella of Lakota announced they were expecting their first child. William was the eldest child to the King at the time, and was heir apparent, meaning that the child would be 2nd in line of succession.

Prince Henry was born at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, at 9:13 CST on March 13th 2001. The customary cannon was fired outside the Royal Palace in St. Anthony to signal the birth of a Royal baby. The baby was widely hailed as a future King. His name was announced 3 days later as Henry Christian Charles George William Augustus Miller.

He later went on to intend Elementary, Middle, and High School were he is known as Henry Miller. He attended the Academy of St. Olaf for Elementary and Middle School, and for his High School he attended the Academy of King George he graduated in the year of 2019, and is currently attending the University of Hanover for his college diploma.

Titles, Styles and Arms[edit]

  • March 17th 2001 - August 3rd, 2013: His Royal Highness the Prince Henry
  • December 10th, 2015 - Present: His Royal Highness the Prince of Lakota