Her Royal Majesty's Loyal Opposition (Sierra)

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Kingdom of Sierra

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Her Royal Majesty's Loyal Opposition, also known as the Official Opposition and more commonly as the Opposition is the largest political party or coalition not in government and the second largest party within the legislature. It is often confused with the Minority Party or Minority Coalition, which are the terms reserved for the third-largest party or coalition in either house. Similar to other parliamentary systems, the Opposition is the second largest party or coalition and is opposed to the incumbent governing party or coalition. The opposition party is able to form an alliance with other political parties as well. The Leader of the Opposition is the opposition's leader and is also the head of the Opposition Cabinet and is responsible for leading a cabinet opposed to the current federal cabinet and supporting alternative policies to the government. Throughout most of the country's history, the Opposition has traditionally been held by the Royalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party, but other parties such as the Reformed Republican Party and the Libertarian Party have participated in the Opposition and have influenced it during various periods in Sierra's history. As of 2020, the Opposition has been the Royalist Party supported by the Libertarians with the opposition lead by former Prime Minister Nemesis Heartwell.


The first usage of the term original during the early years of Sierra's history under the leadership of King Smith I who reorganized the National Assembly of the California Republic into the Parliament of Sierra modeled after the Westminster-style system mixed in with elements of Anglo-American federalism. The term first originated in the 1861 document His Royal Majesty's Opposition and was used to refer to the Democratic-Republican Party that was opposed to the Royalists. The term wouldn't become official until the 1870s when the moderates of the Democratic-Republican Party described themselves as His Royal Majesty's Loyal Opposition to contrast themselves with the radical republicans that broke off to fight in the Sierran Civil War as part of the self-proclaimed Second California Republic and how while they were the opposition party, they were opposed to violent methods of opposing the monarchy. After the war had ended, parliament was reorganized and the title as Leader of the Opposition was made official as part of the Parliamentary Reorganization Act of 1878 and was modeled after the Westminster model in the United Kingdom, though the title of Minority Leader was also made official modeled after Anglo-American federalism and was established to be either subordinate to the Leader of the Opposition or the leader of the largest party not aligned with either the government nor the opposition and not in confidence and supply.

Leader of the Opposition[edit]

The Leader of Her Royal Majesty's Loyal Opposition serves as both a formal MP and is seen as the Prime Minister-in-waiting. The Leader of the Opposition is granted the same benefits and privileges as any other MP including a high-paying salary and perquisites like those of a cabinet minister, including an appointment as party of the Privy Council. Since 1912, the Leader of the Opposition has been a member of the House of Commons similar to that of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, though some Opposition Leaders have served in the Senate before. The Opposition Leader is elected in either two ways, either by an election between members of the largest party in the Opposition for is formally appointed by the House Speaker. The current Opposition leader is Nemesis Heartwell from San Joaquin.


The Opposition Leader is typically seated within the House of Commons, the lower house of the Sierran Parliament, as part of an ongoing trend for the Opposition Leader which persists in the modern era. The Opposition Leader is typically seated either left or right of the Speaker depending on which party has the majority of seats within parliament. As of 2020, the Royalist Party sits to the left along with the Libertarians while the Social Democrats sit to the right with the Democratic-Republicans and Green Party in the position where the incumbent party and governing coalition has always been seated.

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