High Commission of Skandinavia in Greenland

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The High Commission of Denmark in Greenland is the official representation of the Kingdom of Skandinavia in the Kingdom of Greenland. Located in the Greenlandic capital Godthåb, the High Commission is the equivalent of an embassy but holds a special status due to Greenland and Skandinavia being in a personal union. As King Frederik II of Skandinavia is also the head of state of Greenland, the Skandinavian High Commissioner is his representative in the country carries out the duties of his role. As such the High Commission ranks above other embassies in Greenland due to its role in the Greenlandic political system of constitutional monarchy. Current High Commisioner is from 2015 Frederik Hakonsen.

The High Commission was established in 1919, after Greenland became independent in December 1918. It is located in a modern complex in the downtown area of the capital that was inaugurated in 2001 by Queen Margrethe II of Skandinavia.

The property[edit | edit source]

Sk Embassy Gr 03.jpg

At the end of the 90s, the High Commissioner had his offices spread among several old buildings in the Greenland capital, making his operation difficult. After established contacts with the local government, land was set up where a modern building was built that housed all the offices of the High Commissioner and also served the local population.

The complex consists of diplomatic offices, business offices and also a concert and exhibition hall.

High Commissioners[edit | edit source]

Name Born Died Entered office Left office
1868 1953 1 January 1919 25 August 1926
1878 1982 25 August 1926 9 April 1935
1890 1974 12 April 1935 28 September 1947
1892 1961 30 September 1947 8 October 1955
9 October 1955 11 June 1964
11 June 1964 20 February 1971
20 February 1971 1 May 1979
Torben Helge 1937 2000 1 May 1979 13 July 1992
Erik Møller 1938 1 August 1992 1 July 1995
Jorn Hansen 1940 1 July 1995 31 March 1996
Oscar Oxholm 1959 31 January 1996 30 March 1997
Hjalmar Wisting 1960 30 March 1997 1 April 2008
Frederik Hakonsen 1957 1 April 2008 present

Sections[edit | edit source]

  • Consular Section
  • Kalmar Union Citizen Services
  • Visa Services
  • Security and border control
  • Trade and business service
  • Office of Defense Cooperation
  • Defense Attaché
  • Public Affairs and Protocol
  • Culture and Nordic Institute
  • Events and programs

The High Commission maintains several cultural exchange programs that include the promotion of literature, music, visual and performing arts, as well as knowledge of the history and Nordic way of life. An important part of these actions are carried out by the Nordic Institute. On the other hand, it organizes frequent economic meetings in which companies and organizations of both countries participate. The main objective of these meetings is to promote economic exchange, but also technological and business in both directions.