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Hoosiers Worker's Republic

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Hoosiers Workers' Republic
[[File:|125px|border||Flag of ]] [[File:|85px||Provincial seal of ]]
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Hoosier State
State/territorial song(s): {
[[File:|center|270px||Map of ]]
Official language(s) English
Area Ranked
 • Total  sq mi
( km2)
Population Ranked
 • Density {{{2000DensityUC}}}/sq mi  (/km2)
 • Highest point
 ft ( m)
 • Lowest point  ft ( m)
Admission to the Union ()
Legislature Continental Committee of the Hoosiers Workers' Republic
 • Upper house Secretaries of State
 • Lower house House of Deputies
Committeemen {{{comitteemen}}}
Abbreviations ,

The Hoosiers Workers' Republic also known as Hoosieria the Hoosiers Continentalist Workers' Republic, or Southern Indiana is one of the Constituent states forming the United Commonwealth. Located in the former southern half of the United States state of Indiana, it borders Wabash to the north, Kentuckiana to the South, Miami to the east and Cahokia to the west. It is the xth smallest in land area, with a total land area or XX,XXX square miles, (XXXX square kilometers). It's major population center is located around the city of New Albany, the capital of the state, it is part of the greater New Albany-Louisville-Shepherdsville metropolitan area, with some 11 million people it is second largest urban area within the country, behind Chicago. It is considered one of the original founding regions of the nation as it one of the first areas to rise against the Federalist Party in 1920; with Founders Field holding significant reverence within the Continentalist Party. It is among the three of the 'Workers' Republics' within the United Commonwealth, a designation held since their joint admission on July 17, 1922. With a population of 13 million, it is the xth largest state in population it major cities including Evansville, Bloomington, Madison, Columbus, Corydon.