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House of Habsburg-Branver

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House of Habsburg-Branver
Coat of Arms for the House and Pacífica
Country PacificaFlag.png Kingdom of Pacífica (1848–present)
Flag of Hawaii.svg Hawaii (1878-present)
Parent house House of Habsburg-Lorraine
House of Branver
Titles Monarch of Pacífica and Protector of the Realm
Monarch of the Hawaiian Islands
Prince of Austria (Claimant)
Founded 1901
1848 (as the House of Branver)
Founder Ferdinand I
Current head James I
Ethnicity English, German

The House of Habsburg-Branver (also known as the House of Branver or the Habsburgs of Pacífica), is the current reigning royal house of the Kingdom of Pacífica and the Grand Duchy of the Hawaiian Islands. The house was founded after the ascension of Ferdinand I in 1901, when he combined his mother's house, the House of Branver, and his father's house, the House of Habsburg. Since 1920, the House of Habsburg-Branver also claims the title of Prince and Princess of Austria, after former Austrian Emperor Charles I granted them the title after Ferdinand I allow Charles to spend his exile in Pacífica.



No. Name Portrait Reign
1 Dayton I Dayton I Pacifica.jpg May 5th, 1848-May 1st 1876
2 Dayton II Dayton II Pacifica.jpg May 1st, 1876-April 4th, 1889
3 Mary I Mary I Pacifica.jpg April 4th, 1889-August 23rd, 1901
4 Ferdinand I Ferdinand I Pacifica.jpg August 25th, 1901-December 1st, 1923
5 Francis I Francis I Pacifica.jpg December 1st, 1923-June 8th, 1967
6 Dayton III Dayton III Pacifica.png June 8th, 1967-July 6th, 2001
7 James I James I Pacifica.jpg July 6th, 2001-Present