House of Hohensee

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House of Hohensee
Haus von Hohensee
Country Flag of Sierra.svg Sierra
Flag of Teutonica.svg Superior
Parent house House of Columbia,
House of Stuart
Titles Monarch of Lakota
Monarch of Superior
Style(s) His/Her Royal majesty
Founded 1943
Founder William I
Current head Henry III
Ethnicity German American

The House of Hohensee is the Royal House of the Kingdom of Superior and the Kingdom of Lakota (both apart of the greater nation of Superior. It is junior male branch of the House of Columbia (the royal house of Sierra) which itself is a branch of the House of Stuart, and a female line cadet house of the house of Hohenzollern through which the house takes inspiration from. The house was established in 1943 when the son of the late Queen Anna, William took the throne of Superior as William I, instead of taking on his father Christian's house of columbia as his royal house he decided to found a new house that would represent Superior, and took on the name of von Hohensee.