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Hungary (Terra Fidelis)

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Hungarian Empire under Matilda I
Hungary is a representative democracy located in central Europe. It once ruled much of central Europe, it's power peaking after the defeat of the Turks at the Battle of Mohacs. Capital: Budapest.


Early monarchs

Stephen I 997-1038
Peter the Venetian 1038-1041 & 1044-1046
Samuel Aba 1041-1044
Andrew I 1046-1060
Bela I 1060-1063
Solomon I 1063-1074
Geza I 1074-1077
Ladislaus I 1077-1095
Coloman I 1095-1116
Stephen II 1116-1131
Bela II 1131-1141
Geza II 1141-1162
Stephen III 1162-1172 (challenged by Ladislaus the pretender & Stephen the vile)
Bela III 1172-1196
Emeric I 1196-1207, assasinated
Andrew II 1207-1229
Bela IV 1229-1271
Ladislaus II 1271-1291
Andrew III 1291-1303

Elizabethan Era

Elizabeth the Great 1303-1372 married Boleslaw of Silesia in 1315, son of Henry the Fat
Otto of Bavaria disputed the throne and in 1309 Elizabeth put Henry of Luxembourg in charge of her western armies. Otto was defeated & killed on the battlefield but Henry died of his own wounds hours later. The Luxembourgian nobility made Elizabeth their emperor and within five years the rebellious houses of Bavaria were subdued.
Matilda I (b. 1342) daughter of Andrew Elijah (b 1317 d. 1370) & Ludmila, 1372-1412
Ludmila II (b. 1375) 1412-1420
Viola (b. 1403) 1420-1457
Andrew IV (b. 1423) 1457-1472
Ludmila & Viola married nobility so as to not lose the throne to foreign kings.