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Hyoria refers to two islands in Mauri Sea, lying west of Old Mithadia. Both islands are sparsely populated but claimed by different thalassocracies.


When the Irian explorer Pennesios of Lumos sailed this way in the mid-6th century, he visited an island that he called Hyoria. It is unknown precisely which island Pennesios was referring to; much of this information was probably covered up to preserve Irian trade secrets. When Irian traders later visited the area, they used Pennesios' name for the island group. To avoid confusion, they called the larger island Hyoria Major and the smaller one Hyoria Minor.

Hyoria Minor

A highly rural low-lying island separated from Hyoria Major by a narrow strait. It is primarily inhabited by Mithadian pastoralists, with a minority of Hythians.

Hyoria Major

Hyoria Major is about four times larger than its little neighbor, and it runs almost directly east to west across the Mauri Sea. It is home to a diverse assortment of severals ethnic group who have settled the island at various points in history; among them are the Mithadians, the Alorians, the Irians, the Berabans, and the Irrosians.