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Identity Alcenia

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Identity Alcenia
Flag of Identity Alcenia.svg
Flag of Identity Alcenia
Formation 2015
Founder Draco Albus
Type Far-right white nationalist terrorist group
Key people
Chairman: Draco Albus
Treasurer: Sumner Delphan

Identity Alcenia is a far-right white nationalist group that has been designated as a terrorist organization by the National Police Bureau, the Alcenian Marshals, and the Department of Domestic Security. They are believed to be responsible for the 2017 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón shooting in which 17 Hispanic church goers were killed by Nathan Blumenthal on June 27, 2017. Identity Alcenia denies being associated with Bluementhal, who himself stated he acted alone. Several confirmed members have been arrested for violation of federal firearms statutes, racketeering, voter intimidation, and attempted corruption of public servants. On June 27, 2019, exactly two years after the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón shooting, the group's founder and leader Draco Albus was arrested on perjury and obstruction of justice charges after it was discovered Blumenthal was in fact a member of the organization.

Their ideology is centered around white nationalism and their stated goal is to either make Alcenia a (in their view) purely white state, or to create a new white ethnostate within Alcenia's borders. They are opposed to capitalism, socialism, communism, feminism, homosexuality, Catholicism, Islam, immigration, white genocide, miscegenation, and what they perceive as Jewish control of mass media and popular culture. They have traditionalist views on family, marriage, and society and seek to see a revival of the traditional nuclear family. In 2017, they garnered national attention when members of Identity Alcenia physically engaged with members of Antifa in Easton, Nievia, resulting in several serious injuries.

The group was founded in 2015 by Draco Albus as a pro-white political party. Since then, the group adopted militant characteristics and began encouraging its members to begin stockpiling weapons for "...the coming race-war against the Judaic forces." Estimates of their membership vary considerably. Albus claims the group has over 10,000 members while the Department of Domestic Security and National Police believe the figure is closer to 80. They claim to have chapters in all eleven states but the DDS has stated their known activities are limited to the states of Vellonia, Nievia, and Keiwasta. They are active on university campuses, handing out fliers, debating with critics, and recruiting new members.