Imperial Knights of Sierra

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Imperial Knights of Sierra
Imperial Knights of Sierra.png
Abbreviation IKS
Motto Tradition, Purity, and Preservation
Predecessor Ku Klux Klan
Formation May 20, 1851 (1851-05-20)
Type White nationalist organization
Legal status Permitted
Purpose Promoting white supremacy/nationalism
Headquarters Maricopa Phoenix, MA, Sierra
Official language
Secretary General
Round Table Center
Imperial Wizard
Chuck Roe
Affiliations Remove Kebab Party
Workingmen's Party
The Imperial Knights of Sierra (IKS) is a white supremacist and nationalist organization in Sierra that was originally affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. It is organized into 14 chapters and has retained many traditions from the KKK, including the use of conical hats and burning of crosses. In contemporary times, IKS has stated that it is a "racial realist" organization as opposed to being racist, and defends the concept of an all-white, Protestant nation in Sierra and general advocate for white rights. It has been affiliated with several far-right groups, most notably the Remove Kebab Party, and has seen a resurgence in support and membership.

Founded in 1851, the Imperial Knights of Sierra was formed in response to Chinese and Mexican immigrants arriving to the country, seen as a threat to both the social and economic integrity of whites. A major leader in the 19th century nativist movement, the IKS gained prominence during the Sierran Cultural Revolution when it led and organized the counterrevolutionary movement including officially orchestrating several violent race-related incidents.

By the end of Great War I and persecution by the Purpleshirts, membership in IKS plummeted dramatically, and the organization officially renounced the use of violence although the organization remains active, occasionally stirring national controversy and media attention through its rallies and protests. Members affiliated with IKS have also been involved in several prolific hate crimes in the post-Revolution era, a responsibility denied by the IKS which currently promotes itself as simply a defender in the "white rights movement" and white nationalism.

The IKS has been identified as a hate group by the Sierran Poverty Law Center, a claim that the IKS has denied, asserting that it is simply promoting "white pride", although acknowledges that it has historically targeted ethnic minorities, sometimes even violently. The organization has been accused or criticized of promoting neo-derzhavism, antisemitism, homophobia, and Islamophobia. The IKS is headquartered in Phoenix, Maricopa and claims to have a membership of more than 20,000 "racially conscious" whites. The bulk of its membership are concentrated in rural areas and populations with higher instances of white populations.

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