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Information decay

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Information decay is a phenomenon occurring in Voidforms that remain inside the void for prolonged periods of time. It is characterized by the gradual malformation of the subject's personality, memories as well as the changes in it's appearance on the mortal plain. It occurs due to the void's tendency to absorb and even out all information within it, starting from the most highly organized information. Despite it's pervasiveness, it can be easily countered by keeping contact with the material world, which acts as a refreshing mechanism. Information decay does not affect material beings and objects that reside within it, such as travelers inside a vessel, as they are foreign objects not connected to the void itself.

Information decay and sentience

While most voidform are sentient and have their own will, some have lost it either due to a badly designed ascension or by manipulating themselves improperly. Non-sentient entities that can't exit the void are still subject to information decay but the process is much slower and can sometimes even stop temporarily. This happens because intelligence and highly organized information go hand in hand. As such, sentient beings that are subject to information decay may experience some or total loss of consciousness over the course of time.