International recognition of Communist Manchuria

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Animated map of the recognition of the Manchu People's Republic.

The international recognition of the Manchu People's Republic was a long and complicated process of the recognition of the communist state that lasted from 1946 when the republic was established to 1983 when all sovereign states officially recognized Communist Manchuria. During its early years, the Manchu People's Republic was recognized by the Soviet Union, Mongolia, and the other states of the Eastern Bloc, but the Western Bloc denounced the communist state as illegitimate and chose to recognize the Manchurian government-in-exile instead. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, more countries recognized the Manchu People's Republic, but it wasn't until the 1970s that Western nations began recognizing it and by 1983, the republic was fully recognized by all sovereign countries and had long since joined the League of Nations, having entered the international organization in the mid-60s.

Background[edit | edit source]

In early 1945, the Communist Party of Manchuria had began secret negotiations with the Soviet Union with the intent on negotiating plans to help establish a communist state in Manchuria as a means of replacing to partially recognized, but chaotic Second Manchu Republic. The Soviets agreed to help create a communist state in the region, but would only do so when they had the time and ability to invade Manchuria and occupy it from the Japanese Empire which was carried out in August 1945 towards the end of both World War II and the Second Sino-Japanese War. After the invasion was completed, the Soviets occupied Manchuria and secretly helped the Communist Party of Manchuria in creating a new government finding a new leader for the future nation. Xu Xiaobao was chosen to become the new leader and on May 3rd 1946, the Manchu People's Republic was declared with Xu as its de-facto leader as First Secretary, though Song Yixin was the de-jure head of state as Premier of the National Democratic Council.

The proclamation of the Manchu People's Republic was a shock to the world and was denounced by Western Powers with the Government of Sierra accusing the communist state of being an illegitimate state and a puppet of the Soviet Union. The Manzuxiehui was banned and fled into exile and created a government in exile initially based in Sierra, but later moved to Japan and challenged the legitimacy of Communist Manchuria.

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