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Iran (Terra Fidelis)

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Iran is a Shiite monarchy/theocracy located between the Persian Gulf & Turkestan. Capital: Tehran.


Since the death of Muhammad in 635 AD, Iran has been governed by descendants of his cousin 'Ali. 'Ali lost most of his power when he was overthrown after losing the battle of Takepes, but retained Iran, Babylonia & Elam. Babylonia broke away in 1678 and Elam in 1907. In addition to the primary descendants there have been eight cadet branches descended from younger brothers, as well as an Iranian usurper who ruled for four months in 1687. The Asbids were descended from the younger brother of Ja'far I; The Bakrids were descended from Bakr, who was a second cousin of Ja'far II and a great-great-grandson of Yusuf, father of Ja'far I. The Iranian caliphate was at its height under the Yusufids and Ja'farids, peaking between 1009 and 1357. Both families often took names from colors and animals. The Yusufids were descendants of Ahmed I's younger brother, Yusuf. The Ja'farids were descended from a young son of Isma'il I, who, like all his brothers, was outlived by his father, and uncle of Ahmed II, whose older brother had died young. The Ibrahimid branch, descended from Grod's younger brother, Ibrahim, included Iran's silver age, 1373-1543. This was followed by what is often dubbed Iran's bronze era (1548-1677), under the Isma'ilids. The Ismai'lids became completely extinct in the male line due to infighting between brothers Zebus III, whose only son, Zekarayah, was murdered, and Isma'il IV, who had no children that survived infancy. They also each murdered several of their cousins, and a ten year old brother. The remaining male Isma'ilids were purged by usurper Muhammad VIII. He was assassinated by Safid IV, a descendant of Yunis I from 250 years earlier, by way of his grandson Yisir. Iran never regained its power or wealth. The current royal house is the 'Aliids, not referencing a particular ancestor but 'Ali himself and descended from the second son of Yunis II. Enforcement of theocratic law has been weak since the early 20th century.