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Industry Ice, Water
Genre Ice, Water
Headquarters Teriapulawakata, Antarctica
Area served
Revenue 3.1 billion (USD)
2.8 billion
2.6 billion
Number of employees
Divisions Itaxsima Touf, Itaxsima Sima,
Itaxsima Freight
Subsidiaries Penguin Water
Antarctic Water
Smile Waters
Kangaroo Drinks
Antarctic Ice Co.
Wordwide Ice
Itaxsima African Water Foundation
Itaxsima Asia Water Foundation
Itaxsima Americas Water Foundation
Itaxsima, stylized as ITAXSIMA, (lit. south water), is a bottled water and ice manufacturer based in Teriapulawakata, Antarctica. With a national market share of 68 percent, an international market share of 22 percent, and a revenue of 3.1 billion US dollars, it is the largest bottling water and ice manufacturing company in the world. Itaxsima owns prominent brands such as Antarctic Water and Antarctic Ice, which has reinforced the company as a global leader in its industry.

Due to Itaxsima being heavily criticized for the transport of water and the environmental impact of it, the company subsidiary, Itaxsima Freight, renovated all their fleet of tankers to electric in 1998, for which the company has received praise from environmentalists.

Itaxsima has also started several foundations, supplying water to small communities in rural South and Central America, Asia, and most prevalent, Africa. Partially through their own projects, but also by cooperations with the World Food Programme, UNHCR, MSF, the Red Cross, and Oxfam.