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Jack Abbott

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His Excellency

Jack Abbott
Jack Abbott.jpg
President of Texas
Assumed office
August 4th, 2009
Deputy David Joshua
Preceded by Jason Seymour
Senator for Houston
In office
August 6th, 2003 – August 4th, 2009
Preceded by John Seymour
Succeeded by Jacob Arlington
Personal details
Born (1959-02-22) February 22, 1959 (age 64)
Houston, State of Houston, Federal Republic of Texas
Political party One Texas
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Abbott (m.1986)
Children 5 (including Conrad Abbott)
Residence Grey House, Dallas
Alma mater Univeristy of Houston
Profession Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism

Jackson John Abbott is a Texan politician who currently serves as the 15th President of Texas. He previously served as the junior Senator for the State of Houston and is a member of the liberal conservative One Texas party.

Abbott was born in the City of Houston in 1959. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1985, he became a political strategist to future President, Thomas Washington. While working for Washington, he met his wife, Elizabeth Grover, whom he married in 1986. In 2003, Abbott entered politics and ran for the Texan Senate. He won a close race against incumbent Senator, Democrat Daniel Oregon. As a Senator, Abbott became known in the Senate for his Pro-American views and his ability to work with other Senators from different parties. In 2008, Abbott declared his candidacy for President, winning his party's nomination and narrowly defeating incumbent Jason Seymour and Texan Patriot Kevin Shelley.

Throughout his first term, Abbott signed landmark legislation. Some legislation included the Equal Marriage Act, which legalized Gay Marriage, the Anti-Tax Act, which limited the ability for states to set their tax rates, and the North American Unity Act, which increased Texan contribution in the North American Union. During his first term, he also increased Texan involvement in the War in the Middle East, sending an additional 5,000 troops to Texan bases in Syria and Iraq. Because of this, Abbott is mostly credited to the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden. In 2014, Abbott, along with King James I of Pacífica and the Pacífican Prime Minister Steven J. Kennedy, signed an agreement with Mexico, ending Mexican claims to the territory Pacífica and Texas gained after the Second World War.

In 2015, Abbott was re-elected with a majority of the vote, defeating Democrat Corey Zollinger and Patriot Robert Shumaker. During the early parts of his second term, Abbott began advocating for more restrictions on businesses contributing to climate change and lowering taxes for the middle class. He also began advocating for more unity in the North American Union, supporting the creation of a North American army and a more centralized North American government. In the wake of the 2018 Miami Shooting, he signed the Common Sense Safety Act, which placed restrictions on purchasing assault weapons and created a government registry for all firearms. The bill, however, was ruled unconstitutional by the Texan Supreme Court, as it was a violation of Article 6, Section I. Later in the same year, Texas cut ties with Mexico, along with Pacífica, after Mexico reclaimed the territory it lost in World War II.

As of 2019, Abbott's presidency has been rated mostly positive, with Abbott receiving a 59% approval rating in early 2019. Outside of Texas, Abbott is seen positively by Texas's allies, but seen very poorly in the Middle East, with most Middle Easterners blaming Abbott and the North American Union for most the devastation in the region.

Early Life

Jackson John Abbott was born on February 22nd, 1959 at John Michael Regional Hospital in Houston, Texas. He was born the second son and middle child of John and Dorothy Abbott. His father was a small business owner and World War II veteran, while his mother was a housewife. Abbott grew up with his older brother, Mark Abbott and his younger sister, Caroline.


Abbott started learning at St. Gabriel Catholic School, which was a Catholic private school that was located where the new Houston Capital Building is now located. He attended St. Gabriel until the school was closed in 1967. He then attended Sam Houston Elementary and Intermediate School and later Lewis Class Public High School. While attending Lewis Class, he played on the school's football team as a quarterback but later quit because of a concussion he received in his junior year. He graduated in 1977.

After graduating high school, Abbot attended the University of Houston, majoring in political science. While there, he joined the Houston chapter of [[One Texas|One Texan Scholars], which was an organization of college students that supported the One Texas political party. He became the chapter's spokesperson during his senior year. He graduated from the University of Houston in early 1985.

Early career

Immediately after graduating, Abbott landed a job as a political strategist for the Thomas Washington presidential campaign. As the campaigning season became more intense, Abbott became a top strategist, being the mastermind behind Washington's use of touring swing states and college campuses. Abbott's work would pay off as Washington be elected President later in the year. While working for the campaign, Abbott met fellow strategist and future wife Elizabeth Grover, whom he would marry in 1986. After working for the Washington campaign, he worked with other minor One Texas politicians until retiring as a political strategist in 1999.



On March 2nd 2002, Abbott announced his candidacy for Senator for Houston. Although widely unknown, he polled ahead of his competitors and eventually secured the One Texas nomination for Senator, beating Houston Assemblyman Ron Pearl. Abbott would face incumbent Democrat John Seymour (the father of Jason Seymour) and Patriot Abigal Macfarlane. Although considered an underdog for most of the campaign, Abbott would rise in the polls after a Houston Chronicle article revealed Seymour's past stances on abortion and immigration while he was an assemblyman. Abbott would go on to win against Seymour and Macfarlane, winning 51% of the vote.



First Term



Second Term



Personal Life

Marriage and Family

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