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Johannes von der Bellen

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Johannes von der Bellen

Johannes Van der Bellen1.jpg
Official Portrait, 2018
Kingdom of Sierra leveraged senator
In office
December 16, 2016 – May 4, 2020
Preceded by David Ortega de Roja
Succeeded by David Ortega de Roja
In office
August 18, 2000 – March 19, 2008
Preceded by Samuel Kuen Tsui
Succeeded by David Ortega de Roja
Kingdom of Sierra Senator
from the Gold Coast
In office
September 2, 1980 – May 3, 1992
Preceded by Lionel Siegel
Succeeded by Ramón Hidalgo Guaidó
Majority Leader of the Gold Coast
In office
May 4, 1973 – September 2, 1980
Preceded by Charles R. Jacobs
Succeeded by Satoshi Nakamura
Gold Coast Senator
from West Porciúncula and Santa Monica
In office
May 2, 1970 – September 2, 1980
Preceded by George Henry Hill
Succeeded by Daniel Zhao
Personal details
Born (1944-08-12) August 12, 1944 (age 79)
Flag of Gold Coast.svg Porciúncula, Gold Coast, Kingdom of Sierra
Nationality Flag of Sierra.svg Sierran
Political party Royalist Party of Sierra (2015).svg Royalist
Spouse(s) Infanta Cristina Eleonor of Portugal
Children 2
Alma mater Mulholland University
Religion Lutheranism
Johannes Georg Karl Konrad von der Bellen (born 18 January 1944) is a Sierran attorney, politician and statesman who had previously served as an at-large commissioned senator, as senator from the Gold Coast and as the Senate Majority Leader of the Gold Coast Senate. A member of the Royalist Party, he is the chairman of the Red Tory Association and a self-described moderate and one-nation conservative. He is one of the longest-serving senators in the history of the Senate of the Kingdom of Sierra.

A member of the von der Bellen family, Johannes was born at the Palais Pleskau, as the first child of Gold Coast governor Alexander von der Bellen Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Csekonics. He is regarded as the head of the influential and House of Columbia-adjacent von der Bellen family. He grew up in western Porciúncula, and attended the prestigious Mulholland University, during which he was drafted to fight in Great War II, where he fought on the Pacific Front. He finally graduated in 1969. Practicing law for a short time at the prestigious law firm Schneider, Horowitz and Associates, he entered politics by entering a race for the Gold Coast Senate in 1970. Due to his position as the son of a former Gold Coast governor, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Gold Coast Royalist Party, becoming the Senate Majority Leader after the retirement of his predecessor due to illness. He ran for an open spot in the Senate of Sierra in 1980, serving as one of the senators from the Gold Coast from 1980 to 1992, when he lost election to Democratic-Republican Ramón Hidalgo Guaidó. After that, he returned to practicing law, but was picked twice to serve as an at-large commissioned senator, first in 2000 by Prime Minister Matthew Braggs, and then by Prime Minister Daniel McComb in 2016.

A self-described one-nation conservative, von der Bellen is the chairman of the Red Tory Association, the caucus representing the one-nation and fiscal conservative Royalists in the Sierran parliament, but stands out among most other Royalist senators in his willingness to compromise and support bipartisanship in the Senate, and is a noted critic of the New Right. On social issues von der Bellen leans conservatively and is in opposition to abortion after the first trimester, is against marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage, and is also a committed unionist and is supportive of the Conference of American States. He is considered one of the leading members of the Royalist Party of Sierra.

Early life and education

Johannes Georg Karl Konrad von der Bellen was born on January 18, 1944 at the Palais Pleskau, Porciúncula, Gold Coast as the first-born child of Gold Coast governor Alexander von der Bellen Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Csekonics. Through his parents he is of German, Russian and Dutch descent on his father's side and of Hungarian descent on his mother's. At the time, his father was at the beginning of his long career as governor of the Gold Coast, while his mother was one of the better-known socialites of Porciúncula society.

He received his first education at the Saint Vibiana Priory School at the age of 5. He reportedly was close to his siblings Konstantin and Diana, as well as his aunt Irina von der Bellen. He was an avid basketball player as a young man. During his stay at John C. Frémont Elementary, both him and his siblings were present at many events during his father's political career, and were prominent figures in their father's public life life. Von der Bellen attended Santa Monica Boarding School, where he graduated.

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