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Johnson Floyd

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Johnson Floyd Aeronautics, Inc.
Industry Aerospace
Founder Alex Johnson
Hermann Floyd
Headquarters Liberta, Liberta
Area served
Worldwide (Commercial Airliners)
Liberta (Military Aircraft)
Key people
Richmond Sallier, (CEO)
Products List of Johnson Floyd Aircraft
Number of employees
Slogan "Taking us into the future"

Johnson Floyd is a Libertan Aerospace Manufacturer that produces several commercial, military, and experimental aircraft. It is headquartered in Marima, Liberta. It is currently the third largest commercial airplane manufacturer after Boeing, and Airbus.

Founded in 1943 by Alex Johnson and Hermann Floyd, the company focused primarily on private, small, civilian aircraft and experimental aircraft. The company's first plane was the JF 1, a civilian aircraft for 4 passengers. Johnson Floyd continued to release a complete line of civilian aircraft, for private usage, focused on the Libertan upper-class.

Postwar Liberta saw interest in Johnson Floyd and granted EQ$ 8 million to research and produce military aircraft, in addition to this the Libertan Government allowed Johnson Floyd "top-scientists" from the Libertan Department for Specialized Military Aerospace Development. The coming years Johnson Floyd developed high-end military aircraft and started the now famous Hunting-bird series.