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The Joint Chiefs of Defense Staff is the senior body of service chiefs of the Sierran Crown Armed Forces, which includes the heads of the Sierran Royal Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, and the Cyber Defense Force. The Joint Chiefs advise the civilian Sierran Government on matters concerning military affairs, including the Prime Minister of Sierra, the Minister of Defense, and other government officials. The Joint Chiefs of Defense Staff is led by the Chairman and a Vice Chairman, who are both active-duty four-star officers. Each service chief works directly under their civilian department head, such as the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Navy.

It was created in 1951 on the inspiration of the British Chiefs of Staff Committee, and also from the Combined American Chiefs of Staff that was formed during Great War I, with senior Sierran, Brazorian, Superian, Astorian, and Manitoban officers to coordinate the war effort and operations against the United Commonwealth. Prior to that, the Sierran military branches operated with a large degree of independence, and there was some rivalry and disagreement between the Army General Staff and the Admiralty, the operational high commands of the Army and Navy. The 1951 reforms to the Sierran military chain of command implemented more civilian controls and restructured the high command. The Army General Staff became the Army Staff and was subordinated to the Department of the Army, while the Admiralty became the Naval Operations Staff and subordinated to the Royal Naval Service Office.

History[edit | edit source]

Current composition[edit | edit source]

Office Incumbent Incumbent since Service
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Defense Staff Field Marshal Mike Bennet June 2018  Sierran Royal Army
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Defense Staff Admiral Peter Ford May 2019  Sierran Royal Navy
Chief of Staff of the Army Field Marshal TBD June 2018  Sierran Royal Army
First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Kevin Chu December 2018  Sierran Royal Navy
Chief of Staff of the Air Force Air Marshal TBD May 2019  Sierran Royal Air Force
Commandant of the Marine Corps General TBD February 2019 Sierran Royal Marine Corps
Chief of Staff of the Space Force General TBD Sierran Royal Space Force
Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral TBD Sierran Royal Coast Guard
Chief of Staff of the Cyber Defense Force General TBD Sierran Royal Cyber Defense Force

Chairman and vice chairman[edit | edit source]

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