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Joseena III of Pojria

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Joseena III
Queen of Pojria
Joseena III.jpg
Arms of Pojria.svg
Queen of Pojria
Reign 9 Caiaeeja 5983 Ʋ–present
Coronation 16 Caiaeeja 5983 Ʋ
Predecessor Keejay IX
Heir presumptive Eeda, Princess of Pojria
Born 14 Fyagozaca 5966 Ʋ (29 years old)
Flag of Pojria.svg Pordaroy, Pojria
Full name
Joseena Felskeejay
Era name and dates
Joseena Jrezara: 2015–present
Regnal name
Joseena III
Lineage Felsedahdaneejo
Father Keejay IX
Mother Aymaja, Queen Mother
Religion Penumboscameen
Monogram Joseena III's signature

Her Serene Majesty Joseena III, Queen of Pojria, (born 14 Fyagocaza 5966 Ʋ) is the Nth and current Queen of the Federated Kingdom of Pojria. The first of two children born to the late King Keejay IX, Joseena was the second-youngest Monarch in Pojrian history, succeeding her father upon his death in 5983 Ʋ; the young Queen was only 17-years-old at her coronation. Joseena has since reigned over a period of economic prosperity and rising social tension.