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Joseph Xao

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His Lordship

The Earl Xao of Veredun
Official portrait of Joseph Xao
Lord Councillor of Eroea
In office
10 June 4102 – 1 June 4109
Preceded by Sir Arthur Hermang
Succeeded by James Vice
Minister for Colonial Administration
In office
8 October 4096 – 10 June 4102
Monarch Justinian II (4096 – 4102)
Justinian III (4102)
Preceded by Cliona Smith
Succeeded by Jordan Gartland
Minister for Foreign Affairs
In office
29 December 4090 – 8 October 4096
Monarch Justinian II
Preceded by Benedict Meera
Succeeded by Kenneth MacGregor
Parliamentary representation
Secretary for Eukatosia
In office
11 February 4088 – 1 December 4090
Monarch Justinian II
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Office abolished
Councillor for Veredun
In office
5 January 4081 – 6 October 4109
Preceded by Martjin McCormick
Succeeded by Patricia Mahon
Party positions
Leader of the Royal Democratic Party
In office
5 May 4102 – 12 June 4109
Preceded by Sir Arthur Hermang
Succeeded by

Howard McCormick

Personal details
Joseph Martin Frederick Xao

22 May 4057
Veredun Manor, Veredun, Halfsborough
Died 19 August 4129 (aged 72)
Halfsborough Imperial Infirmary, Westerlands
Cause of death Liver failure
Nationality Eroean
Political party Royal Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Leone Xao
Relations AX Jnr
Children 4
Father Alexander Xao
Website gov.lordcouncillor.ea

Joseph Martin Frederick Xao, Earl Xao of Veredun (22 May 4057 – 19 August 4129) was an Eroean television presenter, businessman and former politician, who served as the Lord Councillor from 4102 until his resignation 4109. Before his appointment as Lord Councillor, Xao was an experienced politician and bureaucrat, serving in a number of posts under his predecessor, Sir Arthur Hermang. He lost power at the 4109 election and subsequently resigned from his post as Leader of the Royal Democratic Party and as a councillor. He was the chairman of Xao Foods Inc. and was a presenter on the show Politics Weekly from July 4110 until his death.

Xao was born to Alexander Xao, the head of House Xao, a liege lord to House Wester. The family are known to be highly political and contrary to the norm in the Westerlands, they often side with the Royal Democratic Party. This persuasion towards the Royal Democrats has led to the Xao's having a contentious relationship with House Wester, who are major names within the Conservative Noble Party. Joseph was often seen as a pragmatic alternative to his father, who has been branded as a virulent anti-Wester who has been also accused of treason by attempting to subvert the control of House Wester, though these claims have not been proven. Joseph was the heir Marquessate of Halfsborough, a county in the south of the Westerlands. Educated at the University of Eukatosia, he had a degree in political science and history.

After leaving education, Xao went on to work for an unnamed think tank within the Royal Democratic Party. He also worked as a steward at Veredun Manor and wrote a column in regional newspapers. He gained traction as a pragmatic and kind man, with populist ideals and more progressive thinking. After the sudden death of Martjin McCormick, a Royal Democratic backbencher, Xao decided to stand in the 4081 by-election in his local constituency. He ran unopposed and the monarch, Justinian II, approved his membership of parliament without democratic election. Xao soon became a loud voice within the Royal Democratic Party, advocating for more reforms to colonial government structure and larger spending on infrastructure projects mainly directed at the northern regions of Eroea.

Xao continued to rise through political ranks, eventually reaching the level of a junior minister in 4088, when he was appointed by Sir Arthur Hermang, the Lord Councillor, to the post of Secretary for Eukatosia. The position was largely trivial, as the First Secretary of Eukatosia, a local government position in Eukatosia, handled almost all government affairs in the region. The appointment was to give Xao a seat on the cabinet as part of the optional offices for cabinet membership. Xao was an outsider in the second Hermang ministry, but was gradually accepted by the older cabinet members. He soon proved himself as a capable orator and political tactician, with the ability to charm and scold at the same time seamlessly. Xao received a promotion to Minister for Foreign Affairs in 4090, a position he would hold until what he considered a 'demotion' in 4096. After a political facade between Hermang and Xao over the direction of the party, Hermang removed Xao from the prolific ministry and appointed him to Minister for Colonial Administration. What ensued was a 6 year pursuit of leadership by Xao, who slowly turned the party 'rank and file' to his cause. Hermang was deposed off at the Royal Democratic Convention, 4102 by his own party members. Xao was appointed as Leader of the Royal Democratic Party on the 13 May 4102, and as Lord Councillor less than a month later when Justinian II passed away and Justinian III ascended to the throne.

Throughout his tenure, Xao led his party to landslide victory at the 4106 parliamentary election, topping the poll. His internal popularity among the general electorate was astoundingly high, despite the overall party satisfaction dropping over the course of Hermang's premiership. His popularity lasted until his rejection of the Ut'un Peace Accord, which bounded its signatories to the present territorial extents of their respective nations. Xao refuted this accord, claiming it 'infringed on the territorial and political sovereignty of the Imperial Realm; undermining even, the superiority of the Monarch themselves. No, we shall not accept this accord. No.' This statement would go on to haunt Xao, as it crippled his campaignin the 4109 election; there was outrage at Xao's refusal to sign the accord from the public and vast members of Parliament. Subsequently, the Royal Democratic Party lost 210 of their councillors, losing their majority and governmental position. Xao was removed from Lord Councillor the following day and was removed as Leader of the Royal Democratic Party by a vote of no confidence of the Executive Council; the executive body of his own party made up of the Central Committee and the parliamentary party.

Upon being removed as Leader of the RDP, Xao returned to the backbenches of the party. There was rumors that he would be offered a junior position in the McCormick shadow cabinet in an attempt to pacify Xao supporters but this never transpired. Xao continued to serve as a councillor until he announced his resignation with immediate effect on the 6 October 4109. After resigning, he resumed his role as chairman at his family run business Xao Foods Inc. In July 4110 he was offered a post on Politics Weekly, a weekday morning chat show that analyses political events of the preceding 7 days. He also went on to study at Imperial College, Argost in a part-time course in pursuit of a degree in political science.

Early life

Early political career

Election and rise

Secretary for Eukatosia: 4088 – 4090

Minister for Foreign Affairs: 4090 – 4096

Relationships with Regalia

External engagements

Colonial devolution and conflict resolution

Uragni Islander Rebellion

Minister for Colonial Administration: 4096 – 4102

Fallout and demotion

Inactivity and fall in popularity

Continued devolution

Colonial rebellion

Second Uragni Islander Rebellion

Plan BF scandal

Riverton scandal

Fight for leadership and deposition of Hermang

Lord Councillor

Centralizing control

New cabinet

"Grand Traditionalization"

Policy reversion

Justice to Juno

The Regalian Question

Economic issues

Personal life and relationships

Political ideology

Political offices


Lord Councillor
10 June 4102 – 1 June 4109