Juana Pérez de Samaniego

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Juana Pérez de Samaniego
Juana Pérez de Samaniego.png
President of Mariana
Assumed office
October 18, 2017
Deputy Alexander Lee
Personal details
Juana Pérez de Samaniego

(1969-10-14) October 14, 1969 (age 53)
Teruel, Aragon
Political party People's Party
Domestic partner João António da Silva (1996-present)
Alma mater Universidad Complutense (Madrid)
Religion Catholic

Juana Pérez de Samaniego (born 14 October 1969) is a Marianan politician and the current Prime Minister of Mariana. Pérez de Samaniego has been active in Marianan politics for over 25 years, in both the regional, provincial and national sphere. Through marriage, she is the Viscountess of Alpedriz.

Pérez de Samaniego was mayor of Teruel from 2007 to 2007 before entering national politics.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Pérez de Samaniego was born near Teruel; her father Juan Francisco (born 1932) was a wealthy landowner who had a large farm in the countryside near the town. He was also its mayor from 1968-1972).

Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

Pérez de Samaniego became Prime Minister in April 2017, as the People's Party achieved a plurality of votes in congress. She was able to acieve a coalition with the Citizens party.

Terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils[edit | edit source]

On the afternoon of 17 August 2017, Younes Abouyaaqoub murdered 15 people and wounded 130 in an attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona through vehicle-ramming attack and stabbed one person while fleeing. Few hours later, five men from the same terrorist cell drove into pedestrians in Cambrils, a coastal town one hour from Barcelona. One woman was fatally stabbed and six persons injured. All five attackers were killed by the police.

As the first significant terrorist act in over a decade, there was much heightened tension. The Prime Minister gave a speech honoring the victims and expressing her condolences. She also declared there would be a temporary military presence in major cities as a preventative measure.

Political positions[edit | edit source]

Social issues[edit | edit source]

She is a moderate conservative politician. In her youth, she was closer to the center and was involved in anti-nuclear rallies in the late 1980s. Perez de Samaniego is widely considered to be among the more traditional wing of the party. She has espoused personal views against abortion, same-sex marriage and transgender laws. SHe is also in favor of controls to immigration. She has stated, though, that she will not roll back protections for these minorities, instead limiting some of the "more controversial" aspects of the relevant laws.

Foreign policy[edit | edit source]

Pérez de Samaniego is a staunch supporter of the European Union, and is a firm believer in European Integration, to a point.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Pérez de Samaniego married Viscount João António da Silva in 1996. They have two daughters and a son.