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IPA [kabu'dɔkɛ]
His name in Modern Paakkani Script
Klahoni leader
In office
probably around 1760 BU – probably around 1750 BU
Preceded by Saaketwabe
Succeeded by Hekelito
Personal details
Born probably around 1780 BU
Died probably around 1750 BU
Cause of death probably Pneumonia
Children Hekelito
Known for Kaplu village was built under his rule
Religion Old Paakkani Mythology

Kabudoke was the second known ruler of the Klahoni tribe and a son of Saaketwabe. Thanks to him, the Kaplu village north of Klahota was built.

Death[edit | edit source]

A stone carving survived from his time decribing how he have most likely died. It described it as "His head was hot of demons which he tried to throw out of his body, but he hadn't succeeded and died"